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12 Feb

Huge Demand for Silver in 2024

Surging industrial demand for silver has driven estimates for 2024 total demand to the second-highest level ever. The latest forecast from the Silver Institute, a trade association, calls for global silver demand this year to total 1.2 billion ounces.  That would rival 2022’s chart-topping demand of 1.242 billion ounces and represents an overall increase in […]

12 Feb

The Rush to Gold When Banks Start Crashing

It was not quite a year ago that banks started tumbling down.  You remember the names:  Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank, and First Republic, all American banks.  But it wasn’t just an American problem as the presence of Swiss banking giant Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank on the troubled list attested. Rising interest rates were […]

12 Feb

China: The Next Trigger

Their financial situation is worse than alarming! “Twitching like a fingerOn the trigger of a gun.” -Paul Simon Uh oh!  China is making things feel twitchy! We are always on the alert for the most likely trigger of the coming economic calamity.  The thing that ends the made-up, manipulated money system and remonetizes honest money.  […]

05 Feb

Is the Establishment Starting to Panic About U.S. Debt?

First the NY Times!  Now Chase Bank? If you aren’t panicking about the US debt picture, you may not be paying attention! Now even the most establishment of establishment figures are starting to show signs of panic.  Including the most establishment banker of America’s most establishment bank. Jamie Dimon is the chairman and chief executive […]

05 Feb

China’s Coming Collapse?

…and what it could mean for us. China is a hot mess. We have only addressed China’s rickety economic conditions occasionally and not written much about them, but you should know how vulnerable things are in that centrally-planned economy. Youth unemployment in China is running at about 15 percent.  Property prices in December fell at […]

05 Feb

Inflation… Shrinkflation…FUNflation!

Forget what the Fed chairman says.  Forget the Consumer Price Index and the Producer Price Index. Pay no attention to core inflation and the Personal Consumption Expenditures (PCE) price index.  Pay no attention to any of Washington’s price indices.   Instead, trust your own living experience.  Is your cost of living going up or down?  […]

29 Jan

Government Price Controls Won’t Fix Inflation

Despite what some people may think, the cure is worse than the disease! In one of the 1980 presidential debates between Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter, when the Carter administration’s inflation was the undoing of countless American’s prosperity, the candidates were asked about the wisdom of government price controls. Price controls never work, said Reagan, […]

29 Jan

The Betrayal of the Elites

See for yourself, it’s US against them! Having ignored the Constitution and subverted our once good-as-gold dollar, the American elites hope to complete their betrayal with Soviet-style policies (for you, not for themselves, of course).   That includes eliminating freedoms (yours that is), gas stoves (yours that is), air travel (yours that is), parental rights […]

29 Jan

Rich Dad’s “Most Important Show Ever” 4-Part Series

Once again Republic Monetary Exchange’s Jim Clark joins Robert Kiyosaki’s panel of experts to complete the four-part series that Robert calls “the most important show ever!” The Rich Dad Poor Dad radio show panelists – all veteran gold professionals – have been called together to explore the significance of gold as a timeless form of […]

15 Jan

The World’s Best-Informed Investors Keep Buying Gold

The world’s best-informed buyers are central banks.  They know the made-up, unbacked, paper, and digital money ruse best.   And they keep buying gold. How many Americans could explain how the entire Federal Reserve monetary system works, how they create money out of nothing at all?  One in ten?  One in a hundred?   Probably […]

12 Jan

Look What We Found While Reading the Financial News…

In our effort to make sure our friends and clients are always well-informed, we work our way through mountains of information.  We were surprised and happy a few days ago to see that The Market Oracle was quoting our friend and colleague Charles Goyette from his New York Times bestseller The Dollar Meltdown: The Market […]

12 Jan

Kiyosaki: “The Most Valuable Investment in 2024”

Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki presents a four-part program that he calls “the most important” show ever. Today we present Part 1, The Good News and Bad News about Money.  It features Jim Clark on a panel with other veteran precious metals experts including RME associate Charles Goyette. The discussion addresses the historical […]

08 Jan

The Gray Lady Notices US Debt and Calls it a Problem!

Surprise! The New York Times Gets Something Right! “The federal debt starts the new year at a level that is hard to grasp: $34 trillion. That is 1.2 times the U.S.’s annual economic output. At the end of World War II, the ratio was only about 1.1.” Count us thunderstruck!  The preceding paragraph is something […]

08 Jan

Things About Gold and the Economy to Remember in 2024

Harry Dent Warns about the Stock Market: Since 2009, this has been 100 percent artificial, unprecedented money printing and deficits: $27 trillion over 15 years, to be exact.  This is off the charts, 100 percent artificial, which means we’re in a dangerous state. I think 2024 is going to be the biggest single crash year […]

26 Dec

The Dollar in Three Easy Pictures

It’s an easy story, the future of the US dollar.   So easy in fact, that we think we can tell it in three simple pictures. First of all, the US is the biggest debtor in the world, the biggest of all time.  Take a look at the first picture from Visual Capitalist: The US […]

11 Dec

When Inflation Strikes Your Retirement Plan

More victims of US Dollar Inflation! Food or medicine?   Those are bad choices to have to make, just like having to drain the last of your retirement savings to heat your home in the winter. But Americans’ retirement plans are cracking up on the reefs of Washington’s monetary policies.  Its elective destruction of the […]

11 Dec

Expect Higher Gold Prices

We grow very wary when it appears almost everyone is thinking the same thing.  It often means there is not a lot of real thinking going on.   The view that Chairman Powell and the Fed are going to be able to drive interest rates lower in the New Year is nearing unanimity.   But […]

08 Dec

Gold Prices Explode Higher

You Haven’t Seen Anything Yet! Gold is on a hair trigger!  Or to put it another way, Biden’s governance has now stretched everything to the breaking point.  Spot gold had a previous record high of $2,063, but on Friday, 12/1, it closed at a new all-time high of $2,071.   Then fresh war rumors on […]

04 Dec

Now is the Time to Add More Gold!

Now is the time to buy gold according to Marc Faber, a leading French bank, and others! When is the right time to buy gold? If you don’t have enough for what’s coming, right now is the best time to buy gold… whenever right now happens to be. Who has enough gold?  We’ve never met […]

04 Dec

Things Not So Bad Under Biden? Oh, Really?

Who are you going to believe?  The Swamp media or your lying eyes? With less than a year before the presidential election, a Swamp public relations agent named Taylor Lorenz, who poses as a reporter at the Washington Post, is hard at work on the newspaper’s relentless mission to explain that prices, inflation, and the […]

01 Dec

Gold Hits New All-Time High

Wonder Why? “America is Broke,” Says Robert Kiyosaki “Buy gold and silver.  Save gold and silver,” said the author of the biggest-selling investment book of all time!   That turned out to be a timely recommendation. Gold closed at a new all-time high on Friday (12/1/23) only a day after Robert Kiyosaki warned a national […]

27 Nov

The Money Madmen Keep Printing!

Once They Get Started, They Can’t Seem to Stop! Once the money printers get started – whether by actual paper or more modern digital money printing – it usually ends in catastrophe.   As our present monetary crisis of unrestrained Washinton spending and unpayable US debt continues to unfold, we think it is instructive to […]

27 Nov

Is it Time to End Central Banking?

All Eyes are on Argentina! It’s an upset!  Javier Milei’s landslide win in Argentina has toppled – at least for now – the country’s inflationary Peronista left-wing rule.   “Freedom goes forward!  Hail freedom, dammit!” shouted Milei. Milei will be sworn in as president in December.  He has promised to end central banking and the […]

24 Nov

Watch Jim on the Rich Dad Podcast with Robert Kiyosaki

RME’s Jim and Charles join friend Robert Kiyosaki to Talk Precious Metals, the Economy, and the Hunt Brothers This past week, RME’s Jim Clark and Charles Goyette were guests on friend Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Radio Show. Below you can watch the entire interview. In addition to the topics of the U.S. going bankrupt, precious […]

20 Nov

Uncle Sam’s Credit Score Keeps Falling

US pays higher rates to borrow than Vietnam, Morocco, Bulgaria…That’s not good news for the world’s biggest debtor or for the dollar! With its credit rating falling, the US government has to pay higher interest rates than Third World countries to borrow money.  Being the world’s biggest debtor is starting to catch up with Uncle […]

20 Nov

Central Banks Keep Buying Gold!

Central Banks all over the world are buying gold. Are you? Because central banks around the world sold so much gold in the post-WWII era – to hold US dollars in their currency reserves instead – we believe the reversal of that practice represents the biggest monetary megatrend of our time. In other words, these […]

20 Nov

Industrial Silver Demand To Skyrocket!

End users of industrial silver will experience surging output totaling 46 percent between now and 2033.  The surge is expected to be especially rapid in the electrical and electronics industries which are forecasted to grow by 55 percent over the decade.  That is the finding of a new study by Oxford Economics, a leading global […]

10 Nov

Col. Douglas Macgregor says: “We Will Never Get to the 2024 Election! Banks will Close!”

Some quotes from Colonel Douglas Macgregor: “I don’t think we’ll ever get to the 2024 election!  I think things are going to implode in Washington before then.”“I think our economic financial condition is fragile.  It’s going to come home to roost in ugly ways.” We have a great deal of respect for Colonel Douglas Macgregor.  […]

10 Nov

China Keeps Gobbling Up Gold!

Newsweek reports that China is gobbling up gold on the international market.  China is already the world’s largest gold producer, but it’s buying more gold hand-over-fist.  And it has been doing so every single month for almost a year. For thirteen years central banks have been socking away gold. The Financial Times headlines its account […]

10 Nov

Why Do They Want to Destroy the Currency and Economy?

Here are a Few Answers! Someone asked us, “Why does the Federal Reserve destroy our money with inflation?  Don’t they realize what they are doing to this country?” No answer we give will be complete.  There are too many things going on and too many different interests at work for an all-encompassing response.   But […]

06 Nov

Can the Fed Declare Victory? Is the Inflation War Over?

We say be prepared for an inflation resurgence! Some sectors of the markets along with some analysts believe that the Federal Reserve has declared victory over inflation. That would be like General Custer encountering one lone Sioux on his way to Little Big Horn and patting himself on the back. Still, stocks roared higher the […]

06 Nov

Debt Crisis Headlines

Read ‘Em and Weep! Or Buy Gold and Laugh! At least we’re not the only ones writing about the US Treasury’s debt crisis now.  The story is starting to play far and wide now.  That’s because it is becoming impossible to ignore! Here are three consecutive headlines from the Drudge Report on Wednesday, 11/1.  The […]

30 Oct

War and Inflation

Biden is Burning Down the House! “The first panacea for a mismanaged nation is inflation of the currency; the second is war. Both bring a temporary prosperity; both bring a permanent ruin. But both are the refuge of political and economic opportunists.” – Ernest Hemingway By now you probably know that that Biden is burning down […]

30 Oct

Rich Dad’s Wake-Up Call!

Gold’s next stop is $3,700!  Silver to $68! It’s time now to wake up!   And to tell your friends! Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki doesn’t issue a wake-up call like that very often.  When he does, he means it! We follow our friend Robert closely.   And since he says we should […]

30 Oct

A Very Bullish Outlook for Gold

The gold picture is coming into view, and it is very bullish according to one of our favorite commentators, Michael “Mish” Shedlock from MishTalk.com. We’ve known “Mish” for a very long time, dating all the way back to when he was a small, still voice warning about the housing bubble. Gold Massive Cup and Handle […]

23 Oct

Head For the Safety Zone!

Time for Maximum Safety… Gold and Silver! It’s time to head for the maximum safety zone. Multi-front wars that can escalate at any second without warning.  Energy in the cross hairs.  Debt through the roof.   And Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says America can afford two wars at the same time.  It is time to […]

23 Oct

More People Will Recognize Gold’s Importance

Gold is Much More Than Just a Metal! Paul Tudor Jones is one of those billionaire hedge fund managers.  We caught him on CNBC the other day and wanted to share a few of his observations. Put simply, Jones says, “I believe gold’s value will continue to rise as more people recognize its importance in […]

23 Oct

Shrink or Treat?

We’ve Been Talking About ‘Shrinkflation’, But This is Ridiculous! We’ve written many times about the Federal Reserve’s destruction of the US dollar’s purchasing power.  We’ve written about shrinkflation, businesses concealing price increases with smaller package sizes. (See HERE and HERE.)   And we have even joked about what we call “The Incredible Shrinking Candy Bar.” […]

15 Oct

The Consumer Price Index and Social Security

“The hurrier you go, the behinder you get!” If you think you are falling behind in the dollar economy, you are right.  The plain truth is that if you weren’t targeted to fall farther and farther behind, there would be no reason at all for inflation. In a moment of irony, Washington released the “official” […]

15 Oct

Echoes of Stagflation

Here We Go Again! It’s been a while since we last wrote about the Stagflation Decade, the 1970s, but some of the parallels are so eerie that even one of the world’s biggest banks has started to notice! The 1970s era was characterized by oil price shocks, the Soviet war in Afghanistan, and high inflation. […]

13 Oct

Trump Endorses Kari Lake for Senate

“We Need Strong Fighters Like Kari” Trump Endorses Kari Lake for Senate. And So Do I! Great News!  It’s official!  Kari Lake is running for the US Senate.  She kicked off her campaign on Tuesday, 10/10, with a blockbuster personal endorsement from President Trump. Some of President Trump’s remarks: “A Republican must win and we […]

09 Oct

First Comes a Big Commercial Real Estate Crash

…and then the Fed Cranks up the Printing Presses! A Bloomberg Survey discovers widespread expectations of a major commercial real estate crash!  We’re looking at nine months of brutal price declines, according to respondents. Details from Bloomberg’s latest Markets Live Pulse survey: About two-thirds of the 919 respondents surveyed by Bloomberg believe that the US […]

09 Oct

Who Needs Enemies When You Have Banks?

Robert Kiyosaki warns! We’re not alone in pointing to cracks in the US banks!  We’ve been running around like our hair is on fire warning about trouble ahead.  But if anything, we might be accused of understating the case.  Wait until you hear what Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki says! Here is his […]

06 Oct

War and Gold

Those of us who follow these things carefully (a minority enthusiasm for sure!) are so totally mesmerized by the rickety position of the banks and the government, that we might be accused of ignoring a story as big, if not bigger.  So let us assure you that the prospects of war are not going unnoticed. […]

02 Oct

Did the FBI Steal Their Gold?

Looks like the government and corrupt officials both want gold, gold, gold! “We are devaluing American money so rapidly that in America today, you can’t even bribe Democrat senators with cash alone. You need to bring gold bars to get the job done just so the bribes hold value.” Rep. Matt Gaetz He’s always looked […]

02 Oct

200 Years of Global Gold Production

Where Does the U.S. Rank Among Other Nations? Most of the gold that has been produced throughout history remains in human hands.  As much as 86 percent of it has been produced in the last 200 years.  Our thanks to Visual Capitalist for the below chart illustrating the history of gold production. The World Gold […]

02 Oct

Two Very Big Things Headed to U.S. Banks

Get Gold Before They Hit! No one knows exactly how close we came to a US bank holiday last spring, but it was too close for comfort.  None of the problems banks faced then have been solved. In fact, both have gotten worse. Here’s what’s in the mix. The banks are up to their eyeballs […]

25 Sep

Gold Hits New Highs in Foreign Currencies

Sign of Things to Come! Unbeknownst to most Americans, the price of gold is hitting new highs in foreign currencies. Author and gold expert John Rubino writes in his latest newsletter that “gold is doing great – in other currencies.”  Rubino says that Japan and Australia are giving Americans “a glimpse of the future.” From […]

25 Sep

Washington’s Spending Spree!

$33 Trillion Federal Debt!  How did that happen? US Federal debt has now roared above $33 trillion.  It has rocketed up by $2.16 trillion in just the past year.  This is an increase of an unthinkable $1.58 trillion just since the debt ceiling was lifted in June! How did this happen?   A new Heritage […]

25 Sep

Biden Sets a New World Record…

(…For Unpayable US Debt!) Joe Biden is proving himself a master participant of one of the world’s oldest disastrous routines. It’s always the same cycle.  Governments spend money they don’t have.  They then have to resort to borrowing or printing or a combination of the two.  The more they borrow and the more they print, […]

18 Sep

Sometimes it Smacks You Right in the Face!

We’re talking about the breakdown of American prosperity! We do things no normal person would want to do, all as part of our pledge to keep you up to speed on the dollar, the Fed, the economy, gold, and silver. We follow money supply and Fed asset numbers closely and listen carefully to Fed officials […]

18 Sep

Another Government Shutdown? (Here We Go Again)

Own gold and silver in times of governmental failure! Looks like we’re headed for another government shutdown.   Congress has until September 30, which is the end of the 2023 fiscal year, to agree on a budget and avoid another shutdown. Nine out of 10 Americans, according to a Peterson Foundation survey, want Congress to […]

18 Sep

Oil and Gold: Remembrance of Things Past

None of our clients or friends will be surprised to learn that price inflation in August took its biggest jump in over a year.   The Wall Street Journal: We warned that inflation was about to tick up, writing last month:  Gasoline prices have been climbing in August.  That will show up in the next […]

10 Sep

Somebody in Washington Finally Noticed the Deficit

But of course, by the time Washington notices, it’s waaaaay too late! This one took us by surprise.   Not the fact that we’re headed to a crisis, but that The Wahington Post, the house organ of the Deep State, noticed that the deficit is exploding!   How could they say such a thing?  After […]

10 Sep

Banks Are in More Trouble Than We Thought

It’s bad.  Very bad.  When it hits the fan, gold will be there, as it always has! We know what happened to a handful of big banks earlier this year.  Banks like Signature and Silicon Valley suddenly were forced to realize their unrealized losses.  And that was the end of the road for them. As […]

10 Sep

Interest Rates Squeeze Washington

Buy gold before the next gusher of Fed funny money! The US government deficit has exploded! What’s up?  The Wall Street Journal cites a deadly conjunction of two things at once: “: a steep drop in tax revenue related to capital gains” and at the same time “an increase in interest payments on old debt.” […]

01 Sep

Don’t Worry! The Fed Will Fix Everything!

(They Just Haven’t Started Yet 🤷‍♂️) ‘Yeah, I think the Fed’s record on these things is wonderful. It’s almost guaranteed to be wrong.’  Jeremy Grantham, Co-Founder, GMO Let’s start with this CNBC headline: 61% OF AMERICANS ARE LIVING PAYCHECK TO PAYCHECK — INFLATION IS STILL SQUEEZING BUDGETS After cluelessly denying the severity of inflation as […]

01 Sep

History Rhymes

Take a look at this!  You’ll want to own more gold! Larry Summers, Former Director of the National Economic Council, tweeted (or X’ed) this chart the other day, noting the similarity between price inflation’s rise and slowdown and rise again in the 1970s and today’s chart. “It is sobering,” he says, “to recall that the […]

01 Sep

The Mountain of Debt

Why they’ll have to crank up the money printing! The mountain of debt is not just big.  It is ridiculously large!  Unpayably huge!   It is unpayable unless the authorities inflate the currency to near worthlessness.  Unfortunately, that seems to be the preferred alternative for central banks that find themselves in a debt squeeze like […]

28 Aug

Trouble Hiding in Plain Sight!

“Unprecedented” deficits!; “Crisis-size deficits!” Here’s the lead of an August 24 Bloomberg News story: US Budget Deficits Are Exploding Like Never Before The outlook for the federal budget right now is essentially unprecedented—crisis-size deficits as far as the eye can see, even though the economy appears to be in good health. That prospect is making […]

28 Aug

Two Forces Driving De-Dollarization…

And that should be driving you to gold and silver! The world isn’t looking skeptically at the US dollar because it doesn’t like green.  That would not be enough to drive de-dollarization.  Nobody cares what color the money is as long as it functions adequately. Nor is de-dollarization driven merely because the world is eager […]

28 Aug

More Banks on the Edge!

Gee, you don’t suppose it would be a good idea to take money out of the bank and put it into gold? Banks aren’t getting any safer!  More are getting creditworthiness downgrades; more are being put on troubled bank watch lists. It was only a couple of weeks ago that we shared the news that […]

21 Aug

The Big Short

In Stocks? Watch Out Below! They’re lining up to warn you about the stock market!  Here’s a quick rundown: Jeremy Grantham is as close to a bubble expert as there is on Wall Street.  His bubble calls are the stuff of legend.  And he says the US stock market is about to pop just like […]

21 Aug

When They Run Out of Cash

Just a reminder to own gold and silver in times like these! The sign in the bank window reads, “Due to emergency conditions and to accommodate all customers, today’s daily cash withdrawal limit is $1,000.00” Here’s a similar sign from a British bank.  It is notifying depositors that it may want to know why they […]

19 Aug

Robert Kiyosaki’s Warning Grows Louder!

Rich Dad Poor Dad author:  “America is broke!” You don’t have to spend much time with Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the bestselling financial advice book of all time, Rich Dad Poor Dad, to be convinced that you should own gold and silver. Now Kiyosaki’s warnings are growing louder!   “Brace for a crash landing,” […]

07 Aug

Something’s Got to Give

On a collision course with fiscal reality! We’ve taken the title of today’s commentary, Somethings Got to Give!, from David Stockman’s recent newsletter. Stockman, director of the US budget under President Reagan, concludes that “Washington is asking for a thundering collision.” We couldn’t agree more.  Most of the letter is about the Biden team depleting […]

07 Aug

Rich Dad on Shocking US Debt Downgrade

Robert Kiyosaki says Mom and Pop are in trouble! Our friend Robert Kiyosaki warned about it, and now US sovereign debt has been downgraded by another one of the big three credit rating agencies.   In a major development, Fitch cut the US AAA credit rating last week.  And this is just the first shoe […]

03 Aug

America’s Debt Gets Downgraded

Bad news for the U.S., good news for gold In a major reassessment of US creditworthiness, Fitch, one of the leading credit rating agencies has downgraded the U.S. credit rating from AAA to AA+.  Fitch based its downgrade on “expected fiscal deterioration over the next three years, and a high and growing general government debt […]

31 Jul

Where to Store Gold and Silver

We are frequently asked by our clients where they should store their gold and silver. It should go without saying that you will want to store your precious metals where you can get your hands on them in a crisis.  Imagine that you have been wise enough to invest in precious metals before a banking […]

30 Jul

Honest Currencies Last; Fake Currencies Fail

This is an excerpt from Jim Clark’s important book REAL MONEY FOR FREE PEOPLE… This selection is especially relevant for these times, with recent bank failures and ongoing solvency concerns. Because the book describes the entire American gold story in a clear and easy-to-understand way, and because it is information you need for the challenging […]

29 Jul


Shrinkflation is everywhere these days.  That’s when retailers try to disguise price inflation by shrinking the package sizes instead of hiking the price. One of our friends mentioned that his toothpaste tube used to be 8.2 ounces.  Now it is 5.2 ounces instead.  Of course, the new smaller tube brags that it is new and […]

16 Jul

Nations Bring Home Their Gold

Trust in Global Financial Order Continues to Erode With the specter of the Cold War hanging over Europe, countries like Germany that might have been caught in the crossfire choose to leave their national gold reserves in safer places like the Bank of England in London and the US with the Federal Reserve in New […]

15 Jul

Gold Treasure Discovered in Corn Field!

Civil War Era Stash Includes Rare $20 Gold Liberties! They are calling it “The Great Kentucky Hoard!” A Kentucky man whose name has not yet been revealed is suddenly very rich, thanks to the discovery of a lifetime.  While digging in his cornfield, he uncovered a stash of Civil War-era gold coins. The stash consisted […]

15 Jul

China and India Are Gold Super Consumers!

The Two Countries Make Up Nearly Half of the World’s Gold Demand! The gold rush is on.  If you don’t see it, it is because it is taking place in Asia.    India and China together are gobbling up the world’s gold.   The two nations are responsible for half of the world’s total gold […]

10 Jul

Large Banks are Bleeding Deposits!

The largest 25 US banks have lost a whopping 7.88 percent of their deposits since April 2022. More than $920 billion has left the big banks in a little over a year. Wall Street on Parade reports that the flight from US banks is not quite what has been described by much of the national […]

10 Jul

Banking Crisis? What Banking Crisis?

With big banks tumbling last March – First Republic Bank, Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank, and Credit Suisse – people were lining up to get their money out of banks.  Many of them, foreseeing more financial and monetary stress ahead – turned to gold and silver. It turns out, as they suspected, that like a […]

10 Jul

China Prepares to Take Taiwan!

Are we headed to “a very dark place?”  Be ready! “It is clear as day that Xi Jinping is planning to move militaristically over Taiwan. We’re hoping it doesn’t happen. History is rhyming right now. I think we’re heading to a very dark place,” said Kyle Bass just days ago on CNBC. Bass is the […]

03 Jul

Silver Demand Outpaces Supply

Powerful bullish fundamentals taking shape! “Changes to solar panel technology are accelerating demand for silver,” reports Bloomberg News.  The result is an increasing deficit in silver while the outlook for additional new mine production is thin. The Silver Institute, an industry association, reports that as recently as 2014 solar technology accounted for only about 5 […]

01 Jul

Biden Says America is Not a ‘Deadbeat’ Nation

But the record says differently! President Joe Biden recently tweeted that America is not a deadbeat nation.   “We pay our bills,” Biden said in a related press conference.   “America has never defaulted on its debt.  And we never will.” Well.  The President should be expected to know better.  He was so very wrong that […]

30 Jun

BRICS Nations:  A New Gold Currency Ahead?

Circle August 22 -24 on your calendar. That is when the BRICS nations gather for a key summit meeting in Johannesburg, South Africa.   The US dollar will be in their crosshairs.  And a BRICS currency tied to gold is expected to be a part of the discussion.  It is not a coincidence that a […]

26 Jun

Beware the Global Digital Currency

As usual, the IMF is up to no good. It looks like the race is on! The race between the Federal Reserve’s Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) and the International Monetary Fund’s latest global monetary scheme. We know the Biden administration and Federal Reserve are working desperately on their digital currency.  Now the Managing Director […]

26 Jun

Take Another Look at the National Debt

It was only a few weeks ago, on June 3, that President Biden signed the bill suspending the US national debt ceiling.  At that time the national debt was $31.4 trillion. Now, less than three weeks later, it has climbed $700 billion.  The national debt is now $32.1 trillion. And that is why investor Ray […]

23 Jun

They’re Coming for Your Bank Account!

A looming bank crisis is creating the perfect pretext for the forced introduction of Central Bank Digital Currencies! That’s the conclusion of noted author and financial commentator John Rubino. In his Substack newsletter, Rubino describes two dangerous financial trends that are converging now: Rubino, in turn, cites an article about Eclectica Asset Management founder Hugh […]

12 Jun

Gold vs. US Debt

We have written a lot about the US national debt lately, in part because of the debate about, and the suspension of, the debt ceiling.   Our rising debt is part of a well-worn cycle of currency destruction, one that has been enacted so many times that one would think that people would learn from […]

12 Jun

New Dollar Competitor Linked to Gold?

BRICS+ Could be A Bombshell! “The most significant development in international finance since 1971!” That’s what bestselling author and gold commentator James Rickards is calling an event headed our way in August.   That’s when a geopolitical shock wave will be delivered by the BRICS, an international financial consortium consisting of Brazil, Russia, India, China, […]

10 Jun

Debt Out the Wazoo!

The total federal deficit in 2003 – the deficit for the entire year – under President George W. Bush was $377.6 billion dollars. On Monday, June 5, — in a single day – the national debt increased by almost that amount, by a total of $359 billion. Now the US national debt is more than […]

05 Jun
Jim Rogers

“Be Extremely Worried” Warns Jim Rogers

Coming Wall Street crash biggest in a lifetime! “[In] 2008, we had a bear market because of too much debt,” says legendary investor Jim Rogers.  “Look out the window since 2008, debt everywhere has skyrocketed.” “It’s a simple statement that the next bear market will be the worst in my lifetime because the debt has […]

05 Jun

That’s A Lot of Debt!

When the government’s debt is unsustainable, buy gold! Without the slightest regard for how the Washington debt ceiling debate has evolved by the time this commentary is published, we’d like to put the current size and scope of federal debt front and center. That is because it is huge.  And it cannot be retired by […]

03 Jun

The World is Leaning on Debt!

Consumers, the US, and the rest of the world are all leaning on debt… what could possibly go wrong? You’ve probably heard the story from long ago about the South Seas islander explaining his view of creation to the visiting missionary. The world stands on the back of a turtle, he explained. “Well,” ask the […]

26 May

Let’s Ask ChatGPT What It Thinks About Gold as Money

Since people everywhere are talking about Artificial Intelligence these days, we thought we should find out if AI is actually more intelligent than the people that gave us funny money. Turns out it is! We asked ChatGPT, the popular artificial intelligence chatbot that came out last November,  a simple question:  Why has gold been money […]

26 May

Three Reasons to Buy Gold Now!

Take it from the Swiss! UBS, the Swiss banking giant, has a “most preferred” rating on gold.  Now, in a report entitled “Three Reasons to Buy Gold Now,” its Chief Investment Office says that it expects gold to break its all-time high later this year, and has offered three specific reasons for its forecast of […]

26 May

Another Currency Call-In

Gold, Jewelry Sales Surge in India on Central Bank’s Currency Crack-down! The Reserve Bank of India continues its war on cash and its attempts to herd the nation’s people into the banking system.   In a sudden move, the central bank announced that it was withdrawing 2,000-rupee notes from circulation.  The notes are equal to […]

22 May

China Keeps Buying Gold

Month after month… China just keeps adding to its gold reserves.  The Peoples Bank of China acquired another 8.1 metric tons to its holdings in April.  It has now added gold reserves for six consecutive months in a row.   The World Gold Council reports that since November, China’s official reserves have grown by 128 […]

22 May

A Look at the Debt Ceiling

It’s Up, Up, and Away! Washington spends one or two trillion dollars more than it collects in taxes.  (We’d be more specific, but what are a trillion dollars between friends?) So where does it get the difference?  Like any household whose income doesn’t keep up with its outgo, it has to borrow the difference.  (We’ve […]

22 May

The Fed is the Number One Problem

We should also mention fiat currency! “The Fed is problem No. 1 in American finance.” So says the wickedly smart Jim Grant, the author/editor of Grant’s Interest Rate Observer. Grant says the long-term suppression of interest rates by the Federal Reserve is the source of our problems.  “I think generally that the suppression of rates […]

12 May

Every Picture Tells a Story

Why the American People Must Own Gold and Silver! Today we are going to (mostly) dispense with our own narrative and let you just see for yourself what’s going on in our economy.  These pictures will depict some of the mess we are in.  They make self-evident the need to own gold and silver as […]

11 May

Americans Get a Clue About Gold

Confidence in Fed at All-Time Low! Americans prefer gold to stocks over the long term. That’s according to a new Gallup poll. The highest inflation in most people’s lifetimes, ever-climbing debt, and a governing class that is quite unwilling to get its spending under control have apparently had an impact on public attitudes about both […]

10 May

Beware of the Twin Crashes!

Beware of the Twin Crashes: Commercial Real Estate and Bonds! “The twin crashes in US commercial real estate and the US bond market have collided with $9 trillion uninsured deposits in the American banking system. Such deposits can vanish in an afternoon in the cyber age.” So writes veteran British journalist Ambrose Evan-Pritchard in The […]

09 May

The Weaponized Dollar

One more reason the US Dollar is losing market share to gold! In the three months to the end of March, central banks added 228 tons to global reserves, the highest rate of purchases seen in a first quarter since the data series began in 2000. CNBC, 5/5/23 How would you like to use a […]

24 Apr

Visualizing De-Dollarization

As more countries seek alternatives to the US Dollar… Here is the world’s most important financial megatrend in a graphic presentation.  It will make you want to own more gold and silver. From Visual Capitalist:  The U.S. dollar has dominated global trade and capital flows over many decades. However, many nations are looking for alternatives […]

24 Apr

Beware the Deflating Superbubble!

Happening now – just as we warned. The air is coming out of the Federal Reserve’s Superbubbles.   And gold is stirring! Tom Dyson, with Bonner Private Research, puts it in a nutshell for us:  “They blew up a gigantic wealth bubble by suppressing interest rates, printing money, bailing out bad investments, and encouraging speculation. […]

17 Apr

China Keeps Buying Gold

A lot of what China does is like an iceberg.  It’s hidden from open view below the waterline.  But one visible activity of the Chinese People’s Republic is acquiring gold.  A lot of gold. China is up to something.  It has been on a gold-buying spree for five consecutive months now.   A growing position […]

17 Apr

Central Bank Digital Currencies on Fast Track

When this happens, you will wish you owned gold. We are encouraged that more and more people we talk to are aware of the freedom and prosperity destroying properties of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC).  Unfortunately, we must report that these digital, Deep State, total surveillance monetary substitutes are headed our way on a fast […]

15 Apr

Why Americans are Broke

Hint: It’s Because of the Money! Doesn’t it feel like we are seeing stories like this more and more often?  58 percent of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck according to a CNBC poll.   The people have no savings.  It’s a mystery why this should be a mystery.  It happens because Washington clearly is […]

10 Apr

When the Government Stole the People’s Gold!

How the U.S. ended the Gold Standard! April 5 was the 90th anniversary of a day that this present generation of Americans should remember:  the day the government stole the people’s gold. Here’s a description of the event from Jim Clark’s important book REAL MONEY FOR FREE PEOPLE:  The American Gold Story. Franklin Roosevelt was […]

06 Apr

Better Watch This!

We are frankly flabbergasted when we see someone, anyone, on national television who can speak knowingly about our current American economic mess. We remember not too awfully long ago watching Bill O’Reilly of Fox News ask on camera “Who is this guy Keynes that everybody is talking about”   O’Really?  O’Reilly spent years bloviating (his […]

06 Apr

Step One: Get Gold

The Panic is Just the Beginning Gold expert and the author of the best-seller Currency Wars, Jim Rickards, has written a detailed piece for The Daily Reckoning about recessions and financial crises.  They are not, he points out, the same thing. “Recessions have much in common but financial crises tend to be idiosyncratic and unpredictable,” […]

02 Apr

When Gold Outpaces Currency Failure

Gold moves up two quarters in a row! Hard assets- gold and silver specifically- are the foremost means of protecting wealth in times of inflation.  But don’t expect gold and silver prices to just compensate for or merely offset the loss of the currency’s purchasing power.  They may do so for a while, but when […]

31 Mar

How Bad is the Banking Crisis?

If only there were a dependable form of money! We have taken the title for this commentary from a March 20 article published by Market Insider.   It begins this way: You know something is wrong when six big central banks from around the world decide to join hands in order to reassure financial markets. […]

31 Mar

Dollar Doom!

Now it is not just us saying it… We don’t want to try to count how many times we have described de-dollarization, the world’s flight from the US dollar global reserve system, as the number one financial megatrend of our time.   It is a powerful case for owning gold. Now we want to let […]

27 Mar

Are You Prepared for More Bank Trouble?

You’re not prepared if you don’t own gold and silver Silicon Valley Bank.  Signature Bank.  First Republic Bank.  Credit Suisse.  Now we’re hearing rumors of deep trouble at German banking behemoth: Deutsche Bank.  That comes as no surprise to us.  We were writing about Deutsche Bank’s troubles last year, HERE and HERE. How many more […]

27 Mar

Gold for the Uncertain Future

Hasn’t it always been part of the American promise, the American Dream, that people were always confident that their children would lead lives that were better than their own? All that has been thrown into reverse.  Of course, the fake money system is largely to blame.  It’s hard to see how anyone can miss the […]

24 Mar
Janet Yellen

Is the U.S. Banking System Sound?

“Janet Yellen is one continuous anti-prosperity horror show!” That’s former US budget director David Stockman’s take on the United States Secretary of the Treasury Secretary.   It’s hard not to agree.   Yellen should by now be famous for her long insistence that US inflation was “transitory.”  We are willing to acknowledge that anyone can […]

18 Mar

Bank Crisis Deepens By the Day

Sampling Notable Observations During the Calamity… A quick sampling of opinions about the fast-developing global bank crisis, beginning with tweets from our friend Robert Kiyosaki: “Biden says bailout of SVB Silicon Valley Bank will not costs taxpayers anything. What is he smoking?” “BAIL OUTS begin. More fake money to invade sick economy. Still recommend same […]

18 Mar

Getting Kids on the Path to Smart Investing

Teach your children and grandchildren well about gold! Many of Republic Monetary Exchange’s friends and clients add a little something extra to their gold and silver investments to have something to give their kids and grandkids.   That makes a lot of sense, according to the leading hedge fund manager of all time.   Most […]

18 Mar

SVB (Silicon Valley Bust!)

Gold Surges as Banks Tumble! The best place to start a discussion about bank troubles is to point out that the financial establishment has been wrong about virtually everything.   Federal Reserve chairman Powell testified before congress last week.  You would have walked away from his testimony thinking everything looked just fine and without any […]

11 Mar

Bank Trouble!

Special Alert Direct From Rich Dad Poor Dad’s Robert Kiyosaki! My friend Robert Kiyosaki asked me to make sure everybody sees his Red Alert below.  Thanks, Robert, for sharing this crucial information with our friends and clients! – Jim Clark  Bank dominos are falling, just as I have been warning you!  Silvergate Bank was first […]

10 Mar

Singapore Just Bought Tons of Gold

The Central Bank of Singapore Added 1,434,600 Ounces! Official records show that the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), the central bank of the Republic of Singapore, boosted its gold holdings by 44.6 tons in a single month. Between December 2022 and the end of January 2033, the central bank’s gold position grew by 29 percent.  […]

09 Mar

High Rates Mean More Bankruptcies

Think of this as a bank shot.  You hit the cue ball into another ball that bounces off the rail and goes into the pocket.   Fed interest rate policy will drive an increase in bankruptcies, corporate and personal.  But banking off the rail, its subsequent effect is that it will drive people to gold. […]

06 Mar

Five More Reasons to Buy Gold

We thought we should share with you a couple of more reasons to buy gold and silver.  The list is not exhaustive, but just five of the things in the news that we don’t want our friends and clients to overlook: #1A perfect financial storm is brewing. Economist Nouriel Roubini says a “perfect storm” consisting […]

28 Feb

The Winds of War

The US State Department advises Americans to leave Russia.   Uh oh! What happens next? Next Russia announces that it will no longer participate in an offensive strategic arms treaty with the US, the last remaining nuclear arms agreement between the two nuclear powers. At the same time, Putin puts new ground-based strategic systems on […]