Gold Treasure Discovered in Corn Field!

15 Jul

Gold Treasure Discovered in Corn Field!

Civil War Era Stash Includes Rare $20 Gold Liberties!

They are calling it “The Great Kentucky Hoard!”

A Kentucky man whose name has not yet been revealed is suddenly very rich, thanks to the discovery of a lifetime.  While digging in his cornfield, he uncovered a stash of Civil War-era gold coins.

The stash consisted of more than 800 gold coins altogether.

The treasure includes 18 $20 Gold Liberties as well as $10 gold Liberties, and more than 600 US $1 gold Indians, with dates ranging from 1854 to 1862.

The National Post reports that one of the coins is an 1863 $20 Gold Liberty, a coin that has sold in the past at auction for more than $100,000. 

“This is the most insane thing ever!” said the lucky finder.

Better to have gold coins buried in your backyard than to try to negotiate the monetary turmoil ahead with unbacked, fiat paper dollars.  If you have not prepared for the dollar’s eventual demise from its current iteration, then you should consult a Republic Monetary Exchange gold and silver professional right away!