Gold Hits New All-Time High

01 Dec

Gold Hits New All-Time High

Wonder Why? “America is Broke,” Says Robert Kiyosaki

“Buy gold and silver.  Save gold and silver,” said the author of the biggest-selling investment book of all time!  

That turned out to be a timely recommendation.

Gold closed at a new all-time high on Friday (12/1/23) only a day after Robert Kiyosaki warned a national TV audience on Fox Business News that America is broke.  

America is broke now, Robert Kiyosaki told host Neil Cavuto on Fox Business News.  America has debt it cannot pay and when empires like ours print money, “they go down!”

On the paper gold market, February futures delivery gold contracts gold closed at $2,091.90 an ounce, surpassing a previous high set in August 2020.

Spot gold, reflecting the physical gold market, surged more than $35 on Friday, to close at $2,072 after trading as high as $2,075 during the day.

Watch Kiyosaki’s appearance.  It is must-see:

And don’t forget to watch Republic Monetary Exchange’s Jim Clark on Kiyosaki’s RICH DAD podcast as they discuss bankrupt America and Jim’s first-hand experience buying silver for the billionaire Hunt Brothers during the greatest silver bull market of them all.  It is a story that only Jim can tell since he was there! And it has vital lessons for today’s investors!