Investing in Gold and Silver Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike several other states, there is currently no sales tax on precious metals purchased in or from the state of Arizona. Our headquarters are based in Phoenix, Arizona, so there is currently no sales tax on precious metals purchased from Republic Monetary Exchange.
At Republic Monetary Exchange, we pride ourselves on offering prompt delivery for our client’s orders. Under normal circumstances, metals should be ready to ship or pick-up within a week or less of clearance of good funds. We cannot be responsible for supply shortages which can, on occasion, lead to delayed delivery. Your representative will always advise you as to the nature of any delays. Our trading desk will never approve an order unless we can guarantee delivery of the exact type and quality of coin specified on your order.
After you and your representative have agreed upon your investment, payment can be made via personal check (subject to bank clearing), certified check, wire transfer, direct deposit, or cash. We also accept credit/debit cards, though you may be subject to a processing fee.
No. Despite our company name, we do not exchange foreign currencies. Most banks can exchange currency, as well as at international airports prior to traveling abroad.
No, we do not require a minimum investment size.
Republic Monetary Exchange and its representatives operate in a manner similar to a stockbroker through a brokerage house or other investment fund managers. We do not add commissions and fees on top of what you pay for your investment. We build all of these costs into the difference between the buy and sell price of your precious metals. We pride ourselves in honoring an extremely competitive, narrow spread between the buy and sell price of our coins. It is important that you talk to your representative and understand the spreads associated with your purchase. We offer a full-serve, two-way market and we do not charge our clients or make them pay a commission when they choose to liquidate their investments.
Any Roth, SEP, or traditional IRA can own gold or other precious metals. Individuals with inactive employer sponsored plans such as 401K or 403B plans can roll these plans into a gold IRA. Active plans can be moved in some cases at the discretion of the employer plan manager.
RME is always purchasing gold and silver from clients. We offer same day payment on most liquidations. In addition to selling your coins or bars, you can also trade your precious metals for other gold and silver investments.

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