Rich Dad on Shocking US Debt Downgrade

07 Aug

Rich Dad on Shocking US Debt Downgrade

Robert Kiyosaki says Mom and Pop are in trouble!

Our friend Robert Kiyosaki warned about it, and now US sovereign debt has been downgraded by another one of the big three credit rating agencies.  

In a major development, Fitch cut the US AAA credit rating last week.  And this is just the first shoe to drop says the author of the biggest-selling personal investment book of all time, Rich Dad Poor Dad.

In this interview on Fox Business News, Kiyosaki cuts to the chase:  “Life is getting harder and harder.  Mom and Pop are in trouble!”  

As Kiyosaki says, paper money is fake.   Only gold and silver are real money.

Make plans to visit with a Republic Monetary Exchange precious metals specialist before the next shoe drops!

Watch the video here.