China Prepares to Take Taiwan!

10 Jul

China Prepares to Take Taiwan!

Are we headed to “a very dark place?”  Be ready!

“It is clear as day that Xi Jinping is planning to move militaristically over Taiwan. We’re hoping it doesn’t happen. History is rhyming right now. I think we’re heading to a very dark place,” said Kyle Bass just days ago on CNBC.

Bass is the founder and chief investment officer of Hayman Capital Management.  He made half a billion dollars disregarding government economists like Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke.

He was also an important voice challenging the Federal Reserve’s assertion that the inflation it created was transitory.  Those are just a couple of reasons we keep track of Bass’s analysis.

Now we would like you to watch his take on the China/US standoff.  Pay attention to the correlation of naval forces he cites, and bear in mind the long supply lines the US has in the event of engagement over Taiwan, versus China already in position. 

China is already lightening up its US dollar exposure.  From more than a trillion dollars a year ago, it is down now to about $860 billion in Treasury bonds.  A kinetic war with China will see the US dollar tank and send gold prices to the moon.  

We conclude on the evidence that the Biden administration is entirely capable of getting the US into at least a crippling trade war with China.  We conclude that the Biden administration is capable of escalating its proxy war with Russia.  And we conclude that the Biden administration is capable of lurching blindly -into a two-front war, with Russia in Europe and with China in the Pacific.  

If you haven’t prepared yourself for the damage the Biden administration can inflict on this country, you are risking a lot.  Speak with a Republic Monetary Exchange gold and silver specialist today about self-preservation and wealth preservation.