Sometimes it Smacks You Right in the Face!

18 Sep

Sometimes it Smacks You Right in the Face!

We’re talking about the breakdown of American prosperity!

We do things no normal person would want to do, all as part of our pledge to keep you up to speed on the dollar, the Fed, the economy, gold, and silver.

We follow money supply and Fed asset numbers closely and listen carefully to Fed officials as they lurch from one misshapen policy to another.  We dive deep into reports about bank solvency and watch the frightening congressional budget process…

As we say, things no normal would want to do.   

But sometimes there’s no need to go looking.  The story just smacks you in the face.  Like this one.

The Drudge Report (9/12/23) ran the following stories in a row on its front page: 

Incomes Fall For Third Straight Year…

Average household now has $10,170 credit card debt…

More Baby Boomers Sliding Into Homelessness…

Adults ordering from kids’ menus to save money…

Incomes keep falling, credit card debt keeps rising, baby boomers are finding themselves homeless, and adults desperate to save are forced by rising costs to order kids’ meals.  The links above are all live if you would like to know more about any of those stories.

We don’t even have to look to find more stories like this.  We just got this new one that says pet owners are trading down from expensive gourmet brands to less expensive brands of pet food.

Nothing is too good for Fido and Fifi, except when the currency begins to go bad, These thing are bellwethers for those of us who track the breakdown of the unbacked, irredeemable paper money currency scheme.  They are provided by us, Republic Monetary Exchange, as a free public service for our friends and clients who want a sense of how critical things are getting.

They are getting pretty damn critical.  More soon.  Watch this space.