The World’s Best-Informed Investors Keep Buying Gold

15 Jan

The World’s Best-Informed Investors Keep Buying Gold

The world’s best-informed buyers are central banks.  They know the made-up, unbacked, paper, and digital money ruse best.   And they keep buying gold.

How many Americans could explain how the entire Federal Reserve monetary system works, how they create money out of nothing at all?  One in ten?  One in a hundred?  

Probably not that many.  But central bankers know exactly how the system of legalized counterfeiting works.  That’s because they use it against their people.

Today, instead of continuing to be victimized by our central bank, the Fed, they are moving away from the global dollar monetary system.  And they are buying gold.  That’s because they don’t mind victimizing their people with made-up money.  They just don’t want to be victimized by us.

The World Gold Council has the latest numbers.  Central banks’ buying momentum continued in November with the net addition of 44 tons of gold.

The buyers are mostly from emerging markets, not as closely bound to the global dollar imperium as industrialized countries.  Turkey made the largest of the central bank purchasers in November, buying tons 25 tons, with the National Bank of Poland adding 19 tons, and the People’s Bank of China.

China’s central bank remains the overall largest gold purchaser in 2023.

We remind our friends and readers that central banks should be viewed as strong hands, conservative gold owners buying for fundamental monetary purposes and for longer periods than other buyers like Wall Street speculators. 

They are preparing for the monetary future.  To learn more, and to prepare for the monetary future yourself, speak with a Republic Monetary Exchange gold and silver professional today.