Things Not So Bad Under Biden? Oh, Really?

04 Dec

Things Not So Bad Under Biden? Oh, Really?

Who are you going to believe?  The Swamp media or your lying eyes?

With less than a year before the presidential election, a Swamp public relations agent named Taylor Lorenz, who poses as a reporter at the Washington Post, is hard at work on the newspaper’s relentless mission to explain that prices, inflation, and the nation’s “economic woes” aren’t really that bad under Biden.

Is that so?  

No.  In fact, the claims of the Bidenista’s about the great economy can be refuted with a few simple charts.

Someone triggered things by posting a TikTok of a dressed-up novelty Big Mac that cost $16.  That was enough to bring a swift response from the people at the WaPo, the Washington establishment’s house organ.  A regular Big Mac is up only 10 percent, they protested.  As though a 10 percent increase in prices is no big deal.   It’s just not fair, was the tone of the piece.  “Voters still don’t like the economy, and they blame the president.”

The folks at ZeroHedge were quick to cut through the nonsense with graphs that illustrate what the American people are actually experiencing under Bidenomics.

First, consumer prices under four years of Trump and 35 months under Sleepy Joe:

When Swamp economists try to convince you that inflation isn’t really all that bad, they generally pivot to something called “core inflation,” the CPI figures calculated without including food and energy.  So here is the way that looks:

And finally, this chart of disposable incomes over the Trump and Biden years.  A majority of Americans have seen their disposable income fall – and fall hard – under Bidenomics.  

That last chart finally showed up in the article, “buried towards the bottom of the WaPo report,” writes ZeroHedge. 

That’s the way with the Swamp media.  When they do finally add the salient information that reveals the rest of the story, it is usually not until the 16th or the 31st paragraph since they know full well that most of their readers don’t go that far into the story.

For us, the story isn’t complete until it explains that an honest, reliable monetary system based on gold would have prevented most of the problems of rising prices and falling incomes that we are experiencing today.  But since the monetary system is in the hands of the banking cartel, you must protect your wealth with the enduring and reliable money our founders recommended:  Gold and silver.