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Police, Firefighters Investing Pensions in Precious Metals

For many retiring police, firefighters, and public safety personnel, they’ve spent their careers protecting the public, and not micromanaging their finances.  Suddenly, as retirement approaches, these professionals are forced to shift their attention to the complicated world of retirement financing. It can be overwhelming at first, but public safety personnel often get retirement benefits that […]

10 Jul
myths about investing in gold

3 Myths about Investing in Gold that Need to Die

More than ever, you can’t believe everything you read. What has been hailed as “the Information Age” might as well be renamed “the Misinformation age,” as fake news continues to dominate social media and newspaper headlines around the world. Not surprisingly, myths about gold have made their rounds in the mainstream media. From the comically […]

08 May
Why gold is the best investment of 2019

7 Reasons Gold is the Best Investment of 2019

If all your investments are in the stock market, you’re doing it wrong. Historically, folks have lost their shirts in the stock market, even in times of extreme optimism. As investors scramble to get ahead of the next hot stock or investment opportunity, they often neglect to consider precious metals. Here are seven reasons why […]

07 Dec
bear markets

Gold as a Safe Haven in a Bear Stock Market

Déjà Vu (noun):1) a feeling that one has seen or heard something before.2) something overly or unpleasantly familiar. The headline of The Drudge Report December 4, 2018 screamed“DOW DIVE.  FEAR, SLOWING ECONOMY.  BANK STOCKS FLASHING.” The thing is, we had already seen a lot of these gut-check plunges in 2018:  October 9, off 678 points; […]

12 Aug
silver to gold ratio May 2017

Trading the Gold-Silver Ratio

What Is the Gold-Silver Ratio? You may have already heard the term Trading the gold-silver ratio, but let’s look into what the ratio represents and why it is often advantageous to exchange metals within a position. The gold-silver ratio is often a signal for an investor to exchange silver for gold or vice-versa to optimize […]

14 Jan
WHat gold investors need to know about cryptocurrencies

What Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Means for Gold Investors

Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency. Mining. Blockchain. These are all hot buzzwords right now whether in the media, on the internet, or in casual conversation. With all the attention they are getting though, the world of cryptocurrency is still new and murky for most people. In this article, we want to clear some of the mystery around how […]

16 Nov
Trumpflation and Gold

“Trumpflation” and What it Means for Gold

“TRUMPFLATION” AND WHAT IT WILL MEAN FOR GOLD IN THE TRUMP ERA What does a Trump presidency mean for inflation, the markets, and your financial future? From what history tells and the President Elect has promised in his policy outlines, it will be debt, inflation, market collapse, and a potential trade war. While Mr. Trump promises […]

07 Jun
How to Store Gold Safely

How to Store Gold Safely

Where Should I Store My Gold Safely?  How to store gold safely is one of the most common questions we hear from clients who are purchasing gold for the first time. As we researched the different methods adopted by investors, we wanted to share some of these options and list the pros and cons of each. Many […]

19 May
What is 1 oz of Gold Worth?

What Is 1 oz. of Gold Worth?

The Price vs. the Value of Gold… What is the Difference? The value of gold is measured beyond the daily spot price. Right now, as you read this post, the live spot price of gold is  . You may have just calculated your gains or losses based on when you purchased your gold. While the price of […]