US Mint Can’t Meet Demand for Gold and Silver

28 Mar

US Mint Can’t Meet Demand for Gold and Silver

Republic Monetary Exchange Continues to Provide Immediate Delivery!

The US Mint has been unable to meet strong demand for US gold and silver Eagle coins this year.

Numismatic News has learned that the US Mint has not been able to acquire enough gold and silver bullion at the widely quoted benchmark spot or “paper” gold prices to meet the market’s demand for the popular coins it produces.

That means the “spot” or “paper” prices do not accurately reflect actual supply and demand conditions for real physical gold and silver.  The prices of real precious metals and paper instruments have diverged.

According to Numismatic News, “The U.S. Mint thus far in 2021 has been unable to produce sufficient gold and silver American Eagles to meet continuing strong public demand. Retailers are now often quoting delivery days of as much as three to four weeks after payment or have often been forced to stop selling these coins altogether.

Gold American Eagle Bullion Coins US Mint

So, while the US Mint cannot meet demand, some dealers are taking money and promising delivery sometime, somewhere down the road.

They say pay them now, but it will be weeks before they can come up with your silver.  

We strongly advise against doing business on that basis.  At Republic Monetary Exchange we subscribe to best practices for our clients’ protection and profit.  We anticipate changing market conditions, so we have both gold and silver available for immediate delivery.  On the spot.

Numismatic News reports that the shortages for physical gold and silver “have been rampant for more than a year now.”

We believe that chronic shortages of actual physical gold and silver mean that higher prices are right around the corner.  This is especially so in the current environment with demand for both US gold and silver bullion coins surging.

us mint coins
Silver and Gold Eagles from the US Mint

Numismatic News:

“In the year 2018, the U.S. Mint sold 245,500 ounces of gold among the four sizes of the bullion-issue gold American Eagles. In 2019, sales of these four coins fell to 152,000 ounces. With the surge in gold prices last year, sales rose to 844,000 ounces. Through Tuesday this week, the Mint’s year-to-date sales of these gold American Eagles were 387,500 ounces.

“The news was similar for the bullion-priced silver Eagle dollars. Mint sales in 2018 totaled 15,700,000, another 14,863,500 in 2019, jumped to 30,089,500 in 2020 and was at 10,288.500 in 2021 year-to-date as of Tuesday this week (March 16, 2021).”

Speak with a Republic Monetary Exchange professional today.   What do we mean by “best practices and policies for our clients?” It means immediate delivery of gold and silver on the spot.  No waiting.  No risk.  And when you need to liquidate, get immediate payment as well.