Silver Does it Again

02 Sep

Silver Does it Again

Silver Has Outperformed Everything!

The latest results are in.  Through the month of August silver remains the top performing major financial asset for the year 2020!

Not only is silver ahead for the entire year, it outperformed other assets once again in the month of August.  That makes two months in a row that silver has been the top performer.

Deutsche Bank tracks the total return performance of major global financial assets.  Its report for August show silvers with a 15.4 percent gain for the month.  

Silver outperformed second-place finisher Nasdaq by more than 50 percent.

For the entire year 2020, silver posted an increase of 57.6 percent.  

After surging to a new all-time high over $2,000 at the beginning of August, gold corrected slightly as the month went on, moving -0.4% lower.  Even so, gold continues trading above its previous all-time high of $1,923 set in 2011.

The US dollar fell to a two-year low in August.  That’s five consecutive months of dollar losses.

For added perspective on the bull market underway, here are five-year price charts for both silver and gold.