Real Money for Free People

11 Oct

Real Money for Free People

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Skyrocketing prices, massive new spending programs, debt ceiling puppet shows, money printing, debt up the wazoo!

How did we get here?  Where is all this headed? 

You’ll find the answers to those questions and more in my new book REAL MONEY FOR FREE PEOPLE!

It tells the entire American gold story in a clear and easy-to-understand way!  And because it is information you need for the challenging times coming our way, I want you to have a copy absolutely free!

REAL MONEY FOR FREE PEOPLE is a fast-paced review of why the Founding Fathers, to assure a free and prosperous America, built the new republic on a solid monetary foundation of gold and silver.  Learn how later politicians, those of lesser character, have abandoned that foresight by handing America’s future and prosperity over to self-serving bankers and money manipulators.

In this book, I pull back the curtain to reveal what the mainstream media conceals:  how the unsustainable and reckless policies of the Federal Reserve are destroying the dollar and your savings.

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You’ll learn exactly why the Founder insisted on gold and silver and even wrote them into the Constitution.  Wait until you read about the time the government stole the people’s gold.  It is one of the great swindles of all time! 

And you won’t want to miss the chapters called Goodbye to Gold and So Long, Silver.  They tell the diabolical story of the way paper money took the place of real money!

Where are we today and how does it all end?  REAL MONEY FOR FREE PEOPLE covers that, too, and explains why gold and silver are your best protection from the monetary imbecility and ruination of our time.

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