Inflation Déjà Vu

07 Apr

Inflation Déjà Vu

Just like before… only worse!

Ever felt like you’ve been here before?  

We’re having serious inflation déjà vu.   Today’s double-digit inflation is like the 1970s all over again.  We’re getting used to seeing higher prices every time we go to the store.

We’re getting used to the US dollar buying less.

And we’re getting used to seeing the president say it’s not his fault.

Sit back, click below, and enjoy the inflation nostalgia.

The difference between today’s and the Stagflation Decade is that in 1978 the US national debt was “only” $722 billion.  Today it is 42 times that, $30.34 trillion!

In 1978 the US money supply (M1, below) was about $350 billion.  It has increased by 5900 percent.  Today it is $20.641 trillion! 

In 1978 the budget deficit was 2.5 percent of GDP.  In 2020, even before Covid, it was almost 15 percent.  Back in the 1970s, the US was the manufacturing hegemon of the world.  Today our manufacturing is outsourced.  Back then the dollar was “King Dollar.”  Today the dollar’s share of the world’s foreign currency reserves is in decline.  

IN 1978 the US economy (GDP) grew 5.54 percent.  We haven’t seen the economy grow that fast in 38 years.

Today inflation is no laughing matter.  It is making American poorer.   Because inflation is destroying what remains of trust in the dollar around the world, it will continue to lose value.

What can you do to protect yourself, your retirement, and your family?  Do what people everywhere have in times of phony, fiat government money.  Turn to gold and silver for safety and wealth preservation.

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