Gold Goes Up Either Way

08 Nov

Gold Goes Up Either Way

Gold does not care who controls the White House.  It goes up either way!

That is the conclusion of a review of half a century of gold price action.  The World Gold Council points out correctly that gold goes up no matter which party controls the White House!

Let us give you some recent examples.

The price of gold roared to a new all-time high under Barack Obama.  It was about $850 when Obama moved into the White House.  In less than three years it had climbed 126 percent, reaching a new all-time high.

Donald Trump was inaugurated in January 2017.  The price of gold was just over $1,200 at the time.  But it climbed 74 percent to another new, all-time high of $2,089 by August this year.  

Here’s the WGC’s historical perspective:

“Looking back, gold’s performance has not significantly differed based on the party controlling the White House. Since 1971, gold returns were 11% on average per year during Democratic presidencies and 10% during Republican ones. Similarly, gold returns were only slightly higher in the year following a challenger party’s victory relative to an incumbent party’s victory (7.9% versus 6.5% respectively).

“Gold is a global market; it is purchased by consumers and investors around the world for a myriad of reasons, but primarily as a means to preserve capital and diversify risk. The US is the third largest gold consumer market, accounting for approximately 7% of global physical gold demand in the form of jewelry, technology, bar and coin, and ETFs…. There is still a large portion of physical gold demand that is influenced by global dynamics well beyond the US election.”

Other major financial institutions make the same point.  That’s because gold reflects real global economic conditions, including government debt and like the Fed’s funny-money policies.  And it is a referendum on the global assessmentsof the future value of the world’s reserve currency:  the US dollar.

You may already understand about the dollar’s future, about unpayable government debt and Federal Reserve money printing.  But now you need to act.

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