Civil Disorder

26 Jul

Civil Disorder

It is time to face up the widespread civil disorder on the streets of America’s cities and towns.  

Nobody likes talking about civil unrest.  We don’t like to either.  

But we are seeing a fair amount of it now and between Washington’s spending and the economic shutdown, it’s as close to a sure thing as you get in life that a major economic crisis is on the way.  

In fact, we think it has already arrived.  It is visible in the shutdown businesses that will never reopen.  It is visible in the ranks of the unemployed.  It’s visible in all the capital that has been destroyed by the shutdown, families that saved for years to open small businesses that have now lost everything.   The destruction of capital is seen in big businesses like airlines and motion picture studios and sports leagues.

It is visible in the mounting debt, unpayable, and the legalized counterfeiting of the central banks.  The size of the bubbles always tells you about the size of the bust.  Unfortunately, the debt and funny money bubbles have never been bigger. 

It is visible in the escalation of political divisions as the factions fight over dwindling resources.

The approach of the crisis is seen in the rising prices of gold and silver.

What’s next?  Bankruptcies.  Evictions.  Layoffs.  Foreclosures.  Punitive new taxes and wealth transfer policies.  Homelessness.  Crime.  State wealth confiscation.  

The economic crisis will make the civil violence worse.  

Weeks ago we speculated about what kinds of disruptions are likely.  Here’s our short list:

  • Civil Curfews
  • No-go zones
  • Banks and businesses closed because of riots, plunder, looting
  • Pandemic shutdowns
  • Urban fires
  • Failure of public utilities during periods of lawlessness
  • Failure of the power grid due to mismanagement or sabotage
  • Empty store shelves 

We will just refer you to our commentary from the beginning of June called “Preparing for the Seen and Unseen” and end today’s commentary the way we ended that one:

“We are not interested in being alarmist, but we are watching the same news you are watching.  So we want to be realistic about what can happen. There are places in our country that the fabric of social order has already been shredded, where civil order has come to an end….

“Are you prepared for a time when the ATMs no longer spit out cash on demand?  When banks aren’t open to cash checks?  When medical centers close because of violence?  When cyber-criminals attack the financial nodes of the digital world?  When deliveries to your gas station stop?  When a credit card is useless?  When you need to go somewhere else suddenly?  When you call the police and they don’t come?

“Real money can come in mighty handy in times of crises.

“Don’t get us wrong.  We do not think precious metals can fix everything.  But it is like the old saying that money doesn’t buy happiness… But it can buy you a better class of problems!

“We think this is a good time to add silver to your portfolio.  For everyday monetary needs in a crisis.” 

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