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24 Jan

Buy Silver Now!

Is Silver the New Oil?

Silver was up 48 percent last year.  

Now leading refineries and banks in Switzerland are telling their clients to expect even greater silver price increases by the end of 2021.

Perhaps they are expecting four years of the most financially irresponsible administration in US history.

That is just one of the reasons we are recommending you buy silver now, too.  

But there is another reason.  Some people have begun calling silver “the new oil.”

It is not hard to understand why.  Silver is a vital component of the burgeoning solar energy industry.  

silver set to soar in 2018

With the government tilting toward renewable energy with more stimulus spending and tax credits, demand for silver will grow stronger than ever.

Citing growing green energy demand, Saxo Bank, the Danish investment bank, is predicting silver will climb to $50 this year: “Turbocharging the rise in the silver price in 2021 is the rapidly rising demand for silver in industrial applications, especially use in photovoltaic cells used in solar panel production. In fact, a real silver supply crunch is in the cards in 2021, and it frustrates the full-throttle political support for solar energy investments under a Biden presidency, the European Green Deal, and China’s 2060 carbon-neutral goal, among other initiatives.”   

Silver American Eagle Coin

Others in Europe calling for the sharply higher silver prices this year include the major Swiss precious metals refinery and fabricator MKS PAMP Group, which expects silver to reach $40 an ounce this year, and the German bank group Degussa.  It is calling for silver to rocket to $47 an ounce this year.

Would you like to know more about silver for wealth preservation in times of governmental financial recklessness?  Are you interested in profit opportunities in silver with the growing demand for solar energy?  If so, contact a Republic Monetary Exchange precious metals professional today.