Americans Don’t Like Bidenflation

14 Jan

Americans Don’t Like Bidenflation

Wholesale Prices Jump Nearly 10%!

It is clear that the American people are not pleased with President Biden and the price inflation that is slamming them at the gas pump and in grocery stores.

Here is a depiction:

Now there is even more for them to be unhappy about.  Hard on the heels of the Bureau of Labor Statistics report that consumer prices rose seven percent in 2021, comes the next report that shows producer (wholesale) prices are rising even faster.  For the entire year 2021, the Producer Price Index is up 9.7 percent. 

With inflation continuing to surge we suggest our friends and client review their portfolios to make sure they are sufficiently invested in gold and silver for the Bidenflation age of currency depreciation.  Speak with your Republic Monetary Exchange gold and silver specialist and get an inflation checkup today!