A Wrecking Ball

27 Aug

A Wrecking Ball

…Coming Soon to an Economy Near You!

Washington is a clown car full of geniuses who are now trying to remake the American economy. 

From top to bottom.  And they are not even trying to conceal it.

The New York Times, the house organ of the new socialist America, is explicit.  An 8/26/2021 story is brashly headlined “Remaking the economy.” It reports that Biden’s agenda is on track:

House Democrats resolved a procedural spat this week, and they and Senate Democrats are now turning to the substantive work of putting together a sprawling bill meant to slow climate change, reduce poverty and expand pre-K, college financial aid and Medicare benefits.

The package represents Biden’s most ambitious attempt to reshape the American economy — more so than either the large infrastructure bill also making its way through Congress or the pandemic-relief law that Biden signed in March. The newest bill is likely to be larger and longer lasting, and would affect many aspects of daily life, like education, health care and perhaps even the weather.

Seriously, would you let the master planner of the Afghanistan exit “reshape the American economy”?

Parts of the master plan, according to the Times:

  • Subsidizing the use of solar, wind, nuclear and other forms of clean energy while financially penalizing the use of dirty energy like coal (Solyndra, anyone?).
  • Help families pay for electric cars and energy-efficient homes. 
  • Medicare would expand to include dental, hearing and vision coverage for Americans over 65.
  • Make prekindergarten available to every 3- and 4-year-old, likely by subsidizing the state programs that more than half of them already attend. The federal government would also try to make community college universal, by expanding financial aid to cover both tuition and living expenses.
  • A national program of paid leave — worth up to $4,000 a month — for workers who take time off because they’re ill or caring for a relative.
  • Subsidies for child care.

It’s a total remake of the once most powerful engine of prosperity the world has ever known

It’s an overhaul only Hugo Chavez could love.

It’s a renewal in the US of the economics of East Germany, and the Soviet Union.  Of North Korea, Venezuela.

Seriously, how many time does the world have to let the socialist wrecking ball do its work?

The US government doesn’t have the money to pay for any of this stuff.  But that won’t stop it.  Afterall, it didn’t have the trillions of dollars in flushed down the Afghan rathole.  So, when it doesn’t have the money, what does it do?

All together now:


Eventually, the exit from the dollar will look like the exit from Kabul.  Don’t wait around thinking you can be the last person out.  Protect yourself now with gold and silver. To find out more, speak with one of Republic Monetary Exchange’s precious metals specialists.