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February 24, 2024

Prices are to be used as a guide only and do not necessarily represent our live bid or ask prices. The prices within this guide are based on the day’s opening spot prices and are not updated dynamically throughout the day as spot prices fluctuate.
This price guide is updated daily, Monday-Friday, excluding holidays.

Bullion Coins & Bars

Coin NamePriceMetal TypeCounrty OriginOunces
American Eagle 1 oz$2,136.00GoldUnited States1
American Eagle 1/2 oz$1,200.00GoldUnited States0.5
American Eagle 1/4 oz$667.00GoldUnited States0.25
American Eagle 1/10 oz$300.00GoldUnited States0.1
Proof American Eagle 1 oz$2,676.00GoldUnited States1
4-Piece Eagle Set 1.85 oz$4,609.00GoldUnited States1.85
American Buffalo 1 oz$2,136.00GoldUnited States1
Austrian Philharmonic$2,116.00GoldAustria1
Canadian Maple Leaf$2,116.00GoldCanada1
Chinese Panda$2,116.00GoldChina1
South African Krugerrand$2,106.00GoldSouth Africa1
Austrian Ducat$294.00GoldAustria0.1106
British Sovereign$626.00GoldUnited Kingdom0.2354
Netherlands 10 Guilder$518.00GoldNetherlands0.1947
Swiss 20 Franc$496.00GoldSwitzerland0.1867
Gold Bar 1 oz$2,091.00GoldVaries1
Gold Bar 10 oz$20,910.00GoldVaries10
American Eagle $29.05SilverUnited States1
American Eagle MS69$50.00SilverUnited States1
American Eagle MS70$55.00SilverUnited States1
Proof American Eagle 1 oz$70.00SilverUnited States1
Austrian Philharmonic$28.05SilverAustria1
Canadian Maple Leaf$28.05SilverCanada1
Bars or Rounds 1 oz$26.55SilverVaries1
Silver Bar 5 oz$149.00SilverVaries5
Silver Bar 10 oz$263.00SilverVaries10
Silver Bar 50 oz$1,327.50SilverVaries50
Silver Bar 100 oz$2,605.00SilverVaries100
90% Silver Bag$19,340.75SilverUnited States715
40% Silver Bag$8,333.75SilverUnited States295

Investment Grade Coins

Coin NamePriceMetal TypeMinted DatesDesigner
$20 Liberty XF/AU$2,417Gold1849-1907James B. Longacre
$20 Liberty MS-61$2,440Gold1849-1907James B. Longacre
$20 Liberty MS-62$2,446Gold1849-1907James B. Longacre
$20 Liberty MS-63$2,737Gold1849-1907James B. Longacre
$20 Liberty MS-64$3,091Gold1849-1907James B. Longacre
$20 Liberty MS-65$4,745Gold1849-1907James B. Longacre
$20 St. Gaudens XF/AU$2,417Gold1907-1916; 1920-1933Augustus Saint-Gaudens
$20 St. Gaudens MS-61$2,440Gold1907-1916; 1920-1933Augustus Saint-Gaudens
$20 St. Gaudens MS-62$2,446Gold1907-1916; 1920-1933Augustus Saint-Gaudens
$20 St. Gaudens MS-63$2,481Gold1907-1916; 1920-1933Augustus Saint-Gaudens
$20 St. Gaudens MS-64$2,706Gold1907-1916; 1920-1933Augustus Saint-Gaudens
$20 St. Gaudens MS-65$3,150Gold1907-1916; 1920-1933Augustus Saint-Gaudens
$20 St. Gaudens MS-66$4,095Gold1907-1916; 1920-1933Augustus Saint-Gaudens
$10 Liberty XF/AU$1,202Gold1838-1907Christian Gobrecht
$10 Liberty MS-61$1,217Gold1838-1907Christian Gobrecht
$10 Liberty MS-62$1,370Gold1838-1907Christian Gobrecht
$10 Liberty MS-63$1,717Gold1838-1907Christian Gobrecht
$10 Liberty MS-64$2,310Gold1838-1907Christian Gobrecht
$10 Liberty MS-65$3,524Gold1838-1907Christian Gobrecht
$10 Indian XF/AU$1,299Gold1907-1933Augustus Saint-Gaudens
$10 Indian MS-61$1,394Gold1907-1933Augustus Saint-Gaudens
$10 Indian MS-62$1,411Gold1907-1933Augustus Saint-Gaudens
$10 Indian MS-63$1,817Gold1907-1933Augustus Saint-Gaudens
$10 Indian MS-64$2,166Gold1907-1933Augustus Saint-Gaudens
$10 Indian MS-65$3,655Gold1907-1933Augustus Saint-Gaudens
$5 Liberty XF/AU$632Gold1840-1907Christian Gobrecht
$5 Liberty MS-61$659Gold1840-1907Christian Gobrecht
$5 Liberty MS-62$664Gold1840-1907Christian Gobrecht
$5 Liberty MS-63$740Gold1840-1907Christian Gobrecht
$5 Liberty MS-64$965Gold1840-1907Christian Gobrecht
$5 Liberty MS-65$2,343Gold1840-1907Christian Gobrecht
$5 Indian XF/AU$667Gold1908-1929Bela Lyon Pratt
$5 Indian MS-61$729Gold1908-1929Bela Lyon Pratt
$5 Indian MS-62$794Gold1908-1929Bela Lyon Pratt
$5 Indian MS-63$1,095Gold1908-1929Bela Lyon Pratt
$5 Indian MS-64$1,988Gold1908-1929Bela Lyon Pratt
$5 Indian MS-65$10,507Gold1908-1929Bela Lyon Pratt
$2.50 Liberty XF/AU$476Gold1850-1907James B. Longacre
$2.50 Liberty MS-61$553Gold1850-1907James B. Longacre
$2.50 Liberty MS-62$559Gold1850-1907James B. Longacre
$2.50 Liberty MS-63$628Gold1850-1907James B. Longacre
$2.50 Liberty MS-64$689Gold1850-1907James B. Longacre
$2.50 Liberty MS-65$1,004Gold1850-1907James B. Longacre
$2.50 Indian XF/AU$465Gold1908-1929Bela Lyon Pratt
$2.50 Indian MS-61$541Gold1908-1929Bela Lyon Pratt
$2.50 Indian MS-62$559Gold1908-1929Bela Lyon Pratt
$2.50 Indian MS-63$628Gold1908-1929Bela Lyon Pratt
$2.50 Indian MS-64$807Gold1908-1929Bela Lyon Pratt
$2.50 Indian MS-65$1,910Gold1908-1929Bela Lyon Pratt
Morgan $ Circulated (Pre-1921)$41Silver1878-1920George T. Morgan
Morgan $ Circulated$32Silver1878-1921George T. Morgan
Morgan $ MS-63$81Silver1878-1921George T. Morgan
Morgan $ MS-64$109Silver1878-1921George T. Morgan
Morgan $ MS-65$223Silver1878-1921George T. Morgan
Morgan $ MS-66$381Silver1878-1921George T. Morgan
Morgan $ MS-67$984Silver1878-1921George T. Morgan
Peace $ Circulated$32Silver1922-1935Anthony De Francisci
Peace $ MS-63$60Silver1922-1935Anthony De Francisci
Peace $ MS-64$72Silver1922-1935Anthony De Francisci
Peace $ MS-65$134Silver1922-1935Anthony De Francisci
Peace $ MS-66$545Silver1922-1935Anthony De Francisci

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