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06 Apr
us mint coins

History of U.S. Mint Coins

The U.S. Mint has produced coins for this nation for over 225 years. The Mint actually played a big part in bringing a young United States together by creating a national currency.  In 2019, the Mint produced 11.9 billion coins for circulation, in both its Philadelphia and Denver plants. Most of these coins are pennies […]

04 Mar
a miner shows off a gold nugget

The Life Cycle of a Gold Mine

Humans have been mining gold for around 7,000  years, according to archaeologists. The valuable metal still takes a lot of effort to bring to market. It can take 10-20 years from the discovery of a gold deposit to the development of a mine. Production could last from several years to many decades.   Gold mines still […]

26 Feb
Close-up of a Dollar banknote and Yuan Chinese banknote and downward market trend line

How Global Tensions Are Going to Affect Gold Price Forecast in 2020

For 2020, intelligence experts are predicting continued global tensions on many levels: country-to-country, country to citizens, elites to the have-nots. In the U.S., economic improvements aren’t sufficient to overcome public distrust of leaders and institutions that create a highly-polarized political and social environment. Technological advances will further disrupt labor markets and reshape the meaning of […]

25 Feb
Ingot gold and dollar currency

How Much is Gold Worth? [Infographic]

Gold is one of the few forms of legal tender that has increased in value over time. According to Macrotrends, one hundred years ago an ounce of gold was worth $284.79 (October 1919 , adjusted for inflation). In October 2019, an ounce of gold was worth $1,506.40. And although the price of gold varies depending […]

18 Feb
gold price during recession

Why Investors Buy Gold During a Recession

For millennia, gold has been one of the most prized possessions around the globe because of its scarcity and beauty. However, smart investors covet gold because of its stability. It’s a strong commodity that is always in high demand for three reasons: There’s a fixed quantity of gold It’s the most sought-after precious metal for […]

27 Nov
why is gold valuable

Why is Gold Valuable?

No other element has captivated mankind throughout history quite as much as gold. The oldest known gold artifact, found at a prehistoric settlement in southern Bulgaria, dates back to 4,500-4,600 B.C.

29 Oct

7 Reasons Why You Should Buy Gold Locally

You already know that gold is the best investment to make in 2019. But not all gold dealers are alike. Sure, you could look to buy precious metals online or from an overseas mega-corporation, but every day there are new tales of people being scammed, ripped off, and given counterfeit pieces that carry no value. […]

22 Oct

How to Tell if Gold is Real

If you have some gold in your possession, and you’re not sure of its worth, you’re not alone. Plenty of times, people have cases full of jewelry or inherited coins, with only a vague understanding of its worth. Unfortunately, a lot of “gold” people bring in for appraisal is fake, counterfeit, or worth much less […]

18 Oct
man sitting in front of computer screens looking at stock market data

Investing in COMEX? What Investors Need to Know

If you’ve spent any time with investors, you may have heard of COMEX, or commodities exchange. COMEX and commodities are more advanced and complex investment options for investors, and amateurs are generally urged to proceed with caution.  For the investment-savvy, COMEX investments can yield large returns, but run the risk of substantial loss. For those […]

03 Sep

The Gold Standard, Explained

You may have heard a spirited debate about the gold standard, fiat currency, and free-floating currency. If you’re familiar with Ron Paul or other free market advocates, the gold standard is likely to come up.  So what is the gold standard, why are so many Americans up in arms about it, and how likely is […]

29 Aug
gold bars stacked in a pyramid

How Much Gold is in the World?

One of the reasons why gold is such a prized commodity is that it’s a limited resource. Unlike paper money, it can’t be printed in mass.  Additionally, gold is impossible to reproduce in a lab. The only way to get more gold is to mine it or buy what already exists. According to Smithsonian Magazine, […]

19 Jun
plan for retirement with gold investing

How to Plan for Retirement with Gold Investing

You’ve probably heard the old adage, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” Its meaning is simple but universally true: Putting all of your resources into one place can be disastrous. This advice is especially true for retirement, where your post-career livelihood depends on what you stow away today. In 2008, the nation lost […]

20 May
make your portfolio recession proof with precious metals

Recession-Proof Your Portfolio with Precious Metals

The Great Recession (late 2007 to mid-2009) devastated American families, with some lingering financial woes a decade later. Foreclosures rose by 81% from 2007 to 2008, amounting to 3.2 million total foreclosure filings. Those who managed to keep their homes that year lost almost $2 trillion in total property value, with the Federal Reserve estimating […]

15 May
bull and bear markets mean for gold and silver prices

What Bull and Bear Markets Mean for Gold and Silver Prices

Lions and bears and bulls, oh my. Forget a visit to the zoo – what do these animals have to do with your financial future? Let’s break down what bear markets are, what bull markets are, and what each means for precious metal investors. What Is a Bear Market? Bears mess up campsites. They can […]

The History of Gold in America

The United States of America has a complicated, often turbulent history with gold. For thousands of years, North America has produced a prolific amount of ore, jewelry, coins, and bullion. From Mesoamericans to colonial Europeans, to the modern American economy, gold has always been a profound part of the American story. Hundreds of ships crossed […]