Get ready for a fast-paced review of why the Founding Fathers built the new Republic on a sound financial foundation of gold and silver and how later politicians and financial leaders have foolishly abandoned their vision.

Pull Back the Curtain on "The Money Madmen"

Readers will discover how those in power both home and abroad have been manipulating monetary policies and ultimately devaluing the money in the hands of the people. 

The History of Gold in America

The Founding Fathers understood the importance of a sound monetary system based on gold and silver. Clark takes readers back to colonial times - when gold and silver were written into the Constitution but then disregarded and later abandoned. 

Stealing the People's Gold

In 1933, gold became illegal to own in the United States. What followed became one of the worst monetary travesties against the American people. Clark paints the events leading up to, during, and after that infamous time in history. 

What is Real Money?

For thousands of years, gold has been a store of value because of its intrinsic nature. So why have governments converted monetary systems from gold and silver into fiat and digital currencies?

Why Gold and Silver?

Clark details the qualities and properties of gold and silver and makes a case for its role as currency. Readers will examine the essential qualities of reliable money and visit a hypothetical world without it.

The End Game

While Clark is a historical expert, he is also an expert market-maker and analyst with nearly 50 years of experience. Take a look at the economic future he envisions, and most importantly, how to protect yourself in the tumultuous times now coming into view.

Since 1973, when gold was only $45 per ounce, Jim Clark has traded precious metals in every type of market and through every significant economic event. As a wholesaler and dealer, more physical metals have traded through his hands than virtually any other individual market-maker in the world. 

Author Jim Clark

The first time I purchased silver and held it in my hands, I knew Jim Clark had captured my imagination. He is now the gatekeeper to my precious metals.

With "Real Money for Free People,” we get the story of Gold and Silver in America and a glimpse of how it might impact our future!

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