You Can See What’s Coming!

25 Sep

You Can See What’s Coming!

Secure your Wealth with Gold and Silver

Take a look down the road.

Financial… political… social instability.  

You can see what’s coming.  It’s much easier to see how thing come apart than how they get put back together.  

We have a bruising fight over a Supreme Court vacancy, a battle that may well be uglier than any we have seen so far – and they have been brutal.

Somewhere around half the people are going to be very unhappy with the outcome of the presidential election.  Battalions of litigators are gathering to challenge the outcome of a November election, almost assuring the outcome won’t be settled for weeks if not months.

Many of America’s major cities are governed by people who believe that looting and arson are part of “mostly peaceful protests.”  These “anarchist jurisdictions” are governed by people who want to defund the police.

The productive classes that pay the taxes are fleeing New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and other cities.  And it is not just the rich.  Look at U-Haul rental rates for people who move themselves.  The demand is so great to leave California that it costs ten times more to rent a truck to go from Los Angeles to Phoenix than from Phoenix to LA.

The departure of the wealthy and the middle class will exacerbate gaping budget deficits in the cities they leave behind.  That means less revenue to placate tax-consumers.  

Which means more urban disorder.

We spend a lot of time writing about the fraying of our economy and monetary system, but the economy and the monetary system don’t decay in isolation.  Their decay reflects the same state of mind – characterized by a rejection of the achievements of Western civilization and personal responsibility – that is behind our social unraveling.  

“Triage” is the medical term for sorting out the patients in an emergency for the urgency of their conditions and need for treatment.  Our national emergency is not a medical one (yet), but we are each in triage situation nonetheless, one in which we must prioritize our needs for the rough road ahead.  

Here at Republic Monetary Exchange, we believe protecting your wealth is of the highest priority.  It is a priority because many other needs are utterly dependent on the wealth it takes to secure them.  If you are reading the signs of the times, you know you need gold and silver to secure your wealth.  

The writing is on the wall.  It’s time to invest in gold.

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