Who Is On Your Side During the Inflation Crisis?

22 Apr

Who Is On Your Side During the Inflation Crisis?

Not the mainstream media, that’s for sure!

Inflation has been called “the cruelest tax.”  Ruining the currency with inflation is certainly one of the most devious and disgusting things that governments do.  After all, there are procedures for raising taxes, procedures that involve legislation, public debate, and votes.

But inflation is a tax without legislation, without debate, and without votes.  There is no provision in the Constitution that allows bureaucrat to help themselves and their cronies to the public purse without the approval of the people.  So, inflation is all the proof you need that elements called the Deep State, the Invisible Government, the Permanent Government or Insiders, the Governing Classes, or the Washington Bureaucracy control the state without regard to the will of the people.  

The double-digit inflation of the last year has taken trillions from the people and gifted it to the state and its well-connected favorites.  Bloomberg Economics calculates that the average household must pay $5,200 more than last year for the same goods.  

Who speaks up on behalf of the people victimized by this brazen theft?   Here at Republic Monetary Exchange, we do what we can.  But we are not newspaper publishers or a television network.

We think the newspapers and networks should speak up for their readers, viewers, and customers.  But they do not do so.  Instead, they protect the Deep State Money Manipulators at every turn, concealing their larceny.  Instead of pulling back the curtain on inflation’s flim-flam and highlighting the Federal Reserve’s corruption of money’s purchasing power, instead of screaming that the inflation fraud must stop now, they fill their advice columns with absurd advice for consumers to do something… as though the people are responsible for their currency losing its value.

 Here’s an oh-too-typical example.  It is from the Arizona Republic, on Thursday, 4/21/22.  Financial columnist Russ Wiles parrots the Federal Reserve’s self-exonerating assertion that “moderate inflation is normal, desirable.”   Of course, there is no evidence for the claim.  And as you might expect the Federal Reserve does appear anywhere in the entire section of the piece titled, “Who, or what is to blame for this [inflation]?”

 Then Mr. Wiles offers up a few “inflation-fighting tactics”: 

“When driving, consider slowing down, accelerating more gradually, combining trips, and using price comparison apps.  When shopping, clip coupons and substitute lower-cost items for the more expensive ones.  Also, you can wear your shoes a little longer and go a few extra days between haircuts, wash your clothes when electricity rates are off-peak, join shopper-rewards programs, and so on.”

None of these pathetic tips will do a thing to stop the inflation bureaucracy.  Inflation will continue just as long as the authorities expand the conditions of money and credit.

But one thing to be learned from all this and similar flapdoodle is that big media serves big government and not you.

Oh, and one other lesson.  

Buy gold.