When the Government Pays for Everything…

13 Feb

When the Government Pays for Everything…

…Gold Goes Up!

We have been asking our friends and clients recently if they have invested for the Biden presidency.  In our new radio commercials, we point out that Biden and his supporters want the government to pay for everything.


Now, we don’t want you to think we are exaggerating, so here’s the latest:  Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have announced a federal package to fund funeral benefits for those who die with or of COVID-19.  

$267 million will go to New Yorkers alone.

People die from a lot of causes.  Some have even died from the effects of the government’s lockdown.  Schumer and AOC have not moved to pay for their funeral expenses.

But let us be clear.  The government is not paying for those funerals.  Biden and his team are reaching into some people’s pockets to give money to other people, and then acting like the government is paying for it all.  But of course, the government has no money of its own.  Everything it spends it must first take from someone.

When people become convinced by politicians like Biden, Schumer, and AOC that they can have something for nothing, their demands become endless.

So, the politicians have money printed and the currency destroyed to further the illusion that they themselves are giving free stuff to everybody.

That is why we are asking if you have invested for the Biden years.  Free stuff for everybody, even free funerals, is the name of the game.

The Fed printed three trillion dollars last year.  That was under Trump, a conservative.

Imagine what it will do now under Biden.

Gold was up about 25 percent last year under Trump.  Imagine what it can do under Biden.

Silver was up 48 percent last year.

Imagine what it can do in the Biden-Harris years.

If you have not yet invested for the “free stuff for everybody” Biden years, , speak with us today.  We help people protect themselves and profit with gold and silver.