What Ronald Regan Told Ron Paul About Gold!

20 Aug

What Ronald Regan Told Ron Paul About Gold!

You’ve got to love Ron Paul!  There simply hasn’t been a national political figure like him! 

A couple of examples:

When Dr. Paul was running for president, someone (probably an opposition candidate) discovered that some purportedly disreputable fellow had made a contribution to his campaign.  If you follow politics, you know the standard political playbook says the candidate must apologize profusely and then return the money.

When confronted with the facts of this donation, a reporter asked the expected question:  Are you going to send the money back?

“No, I’m not.”  said Dr. Paul.  “You just told me he’s an unsavory character.  Why should I return the money?  He might use it for an unsavory purpose, while I’m going to use the money to advance the message of freedom.”

The reporters all sputtered and fumed.  They don’t like getting the “wrong” answer!

We remembered another moment this week when we saw the report that 61 percent of Americans paid no income taxes in 2020.  A similar story appeared during his presidential campaign, which reporters brought to Dr. Paul’s attention.  They posed the issue about people with a zero percent tax rate in the expected way:  shouldn’t they be made to pay? 

But Ron Paul said, “I won’t rest until everybody is taxed at that same rate.”

Ron Paul

We don’t remember if he mentioned that the country got along just fine – in fact had some of its most impressive growth – before the income tax first appeared in 1913.

You know of course that we are sharing these tales because we want to get to gold, in this case something Dr. Paul wrote the other day about gold. 

It is an editorial piece in the New York Sun called “The Secret Ronald Reagan Told Me About Gold and Great Nations.” It marked the US abandoning the gold standard 50 years ago this month.  

Congressman Paul writes, “America’s experiment with fiat has led to an explosion of consumer, business, and — especially — government debt. It has also caused increasing economic inequality, a boom-bubble-bust business cycle, and a continued erosion of the dollar’s value.”

Dr. Paul reveals, “Ronald Reagan once told me that no nation has abandoned gold and remained great.”

“Fifty years after Nixon closed the gold window, prices are heading toward 1970s-era increases. Yet the Fed cannot increase interest rates as long as the politicians keep creating billions of new debts.

“It is clear that America is heading toward another Federal Reserve-created economic crisis. The good news is the impending crisis gives us an opportunity to spread our message, grow our movement, and finally force Congress to audit and end the Fed.”

The founders intended that America would operate on a reliable monetary system based on gold and silver.  The intended for Constitutional provisions to safeguard your money.  But that all ended 50 years ago.

Now you have to safeguard your money and protect your wealth and your family for yourself.  The system is not going to protect you. 

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