Warning Signs Still Flashing!

24 Oct
stock market warning signs

Warning Signs Still Flashing!

Gold Market Discussion

October 24, 2018:

 Investors hit by another DOW tumble as another 608 points are lost.

The stock market has given up all of its 2018 gains. 

The Dow Industrials have already lost 7.1 percent of their value just this month. 

The NASDAQ is currently having its worst month since November of 2008. (Yes, that infamous 2008).

We hate to see anyone lose money, but it is good to hear from those of you who have been taking to heart our warnings and special alerts about the precarious stock market.

More than six weeks ago we headlined a post “Warning Signs Flashing Red.” They indeed were flashing red!  They they still are. 

This is why we have been recommending taking those profits from the stock market and moving into the world’s premier monetary sanctuaries – gold and silver!

Since the day we wrote about the warning signs, the Dow has dropped about 9%.

Gold is up more than 4%.

And we’re just getting started.

Sometimes, in the face of a stock market sell-off, powerful forces will be put to work trying to stem the tide:  central bank operations, guidance about future policies, plunge protection team money shuffling.

Remember that all such interventions only make the ultimate problem worse.  With each new manipulation, the money we use becomes less resilient, and less reliable.  And in fact, nothing can stop economic reality from eventually asserting itself.

If you haven’t acted to lock in any profits you have made in stocks, there is still time to do so.  Big economic events have been set in motion. 

As a Gold Market Discussion subscriber or a Republic Monetary Exchange client, you likely bought gold in the past and were protected during the 2008 crisis because of the gold you owned. 

Don’t wait until the last minute to move back to the safety of precious metals.

Talk to your broker about your options to take advantage now while we are still in the $1200’s!

Take advantage of the current Gold-to-Silver Ratio! 83-1!!

This favors shifting your precious metals investments out of gold and into silver.  At some future date, when the ratio move lower, the strategy will involve trading that silver back in to gold WITH A NET INCREASE IN THE TOTAL NUMBER OF OUNCES OF GOLD  YOU OWN! 

Trading the Gold-Silver Ratio is a preferred strategy.  It is one I have used myself for many years.  Your RME broker well explain to process in easy to understand terms. 

Please take a minute to review the September 30 post here on the Gold Market Discussion about the Gold-Silver Ratio.


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