This is “Bad Stuff” Says Steve Forbes

23 Mar

This is “Bad Stuff” Says Steve Forbes

“Tighten your seat belt!”

That is the advice from publisher and one-time presidential contender Steve Forbes.  H is the editor-in-chief of the business magazine Forbes.

“This is bad stuff, this massive printing of money,” says Forbes.  

Forbes has always understood that gold needs to have a place in the monetary system.  Otherwise, the politicians are undiscipline and unrestrained.  

If they are not tied down to the earth, they go floating away into economic outer space.

Commenting on the Biden agenda on Newsmax TV earlier this year, Forbes warned that Washington is ignoring the real problem.  “The real danger is printing money,” Forbes said. “That’s going to lead to inflation. I’m surprised the markets haven’t woken up to that, but that’s going to mean higher interest rates, huge economic dislocations.”

“This is bad stuff, this massive printing of money…. They just don’t know when to stop.”

Forbes explained that wealth “come[s] from people creating real resources, not the government printing press.”

Forbes foresees Carter era economic stagnation, higher prices, and interest rates from today policies.  “This is really going to do damage to the economy.” 

“They don’t realize what’s coming. They think they can semi-socialize this economy, and they really believe we’re in an era where you can print money with no consequences.”

“The Fed is going to have a crisis on its hands,” Forbes said.  “They think a little bit inflation is good.

“They’re going to have a firestorm on their hands before the end of the year.”

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