The Economy in Pictures

26 Aug

The Economy in Pictures

You’ll want to own gold after this…

Let’s start with a chart of inflation rates around the world.

At 8.5 percent, the US inflation rate is above other countries in the developed world like Germany (7.5 percent) and Canada (7.6 percent), but slightly below the Eurozone (8.9 percent. 

Here is the overall US inflation rate centered on the CPI.  No matter how they spin it with alternative measurements, it remains bad news.  

As far as food prices go, you have two choices:  food at home and food away from home.  Here are both.

New home sales are crashing.  Michael Shedlock reports that new home sales in July are down 12.6 percent from a month ago and 29.6 percent from a year ago.

Here is some grim reaper news.  American life spans are growing shorter.   Not a good thing.

And finally, here is the gold price this century.