Seeing is Believing

24 Jun

Seeing is Believing

You know inflation is higher now than it has been in the lifetimes of most Americans.  Gas prices have gone stratospheric, food prices are soaring, consumer confidence is in the tank, interest rates have home buyers and sellers angry, and a recession is knocking on the door.  

But there is nothing like seeing it in living color and in motion graphics!  See for yourself!

President Biden seems to believe that his popularity has less to do with objective real-world conditions than with his staff’s ability to communicate all the wonderful things happening under his leadership.  We know POTUS doesn’t pump his own gas or do his own grocery shopping.  So maybe someone ought to help him get the picture and show him this graphic!

As for the rest of us, those of us who do pump our own gas and do our own shopping, we’ve gotten the message:  inflation is not a matter of perception.  Pardon us if we protect our wealth and profit with gold and silver!