Real Money For Free People!

23 Oct

Real Money For Free People!

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The following is an excerpt from Jim Clark’s important book REAL MONEY FOR FREE PEOPLE: The American Gold Story.

Both Fed money-printing and federal debt are evidence of severe character deficiencies among the American governing classes.

Fed money printing is a slap in the face of normal, healthy human interactions. Civilization is built on the implicit understanding that one may achieve his own ends by serving others. The butcher does not eat all that meat himself. The baker does not need all that bread. The candlestick maker has no use for all those candles himself. The things people in all their diversity want in satisfaction of their personal objectives are most readily achieved by the earnings they derive from providing goods and services others want, giving fair value for value received. But the proponents and beneficiaries of money printing are involved in a brazen attempt to take something for nothing, to acquire purchasing power by monetary manipulation, for which they provide nothing in return.  

It is much the same with government debt. It allows for present consumption while shuffling the bill off to future generations. Normal, healthy people try to leave something to their children and grandchildren. The framers of the Constitution wrote that their aim was to “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity,” for those to come. But a perverse generation burdens little children who have no say-so in the matter with debt that they must bear all their lives at the expense of their own prosperity.

The founders created the conditions for an explosion of human prosperity. Our governing classes and monetary authorities are their opposites. They have created the conditions for an explosion of impoverishment. They are the big spenders and reckless borrowers of both parties. They are the grand councilors and academic advisors of the almighty State. They and their statist epigone and media servitors are the inevitable offspring of connivers like Franklin Roosevelt and Richard Nixon, who stole the people’s gold and betrayed the nation’s good-as-gold dollar. They are a generation of trousered apes who do not know the difference between ditchwater and champagne, and of like-minded Fed officials who conflate empty paper promises with the real, enduring monetary wealth of the ages, who trade the real money of free people for a mess of monetary pottage.

By their own logic, there is no turning back. They must now continue to print money until the system crashes. It is the endgame of their folly.

REAL MONEY FOR FREE PEOPLE tells the entire American gold story in a clear and easy-to-understand way!  And because it is information you need for the challenging times coming our way, we want you to have a copy absolutely free!

Learn why the Founding Fathers, to assure a free and prosperous America, built the new republic on a solid monetary foundation of gold and silver.  Learn how later politicians, those of lesser character, have abandoned that foresight by handing America’s future and prosperity over to self-serving bankers and money manipulators.

In this book, I pull back the curtain to reveal what the mainstream media conceals:  how the unsustainable and reckless policies of the Federal Reserve are destroying the dollar and your savings.

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