Preparing for the New Age of Inflation

12 Nov

Preparing for the New Age of Inflation

With US inflation rates approaching double-digits once again, you need to take steps to protect yourself, your family, and your hard-earned wealth.

The background briefing on gold and silver as the world’s time-tested haven against out-of-control government spending is available to you now in a short and easy-to-understand book I have recently released.

REAL MONEY FOR FREE PEOPLE: The American Gold Story will prepare you for the next stages of today’s inflationary crisis.  It pulls back the curtain on the “monetary madmen” destroying the purchasing power of the dollar and charts the reckless trajectory of today’s Federal Reserve policies.

Here are a couple of brief excerpts from REAL MONEY FOR FREE PEOPLE:

The Federal Reserve has taken this country’s economy into extremely dangerous territory.  It is not enough for us to say that we do not believe the Federal Reserve has any idea what it has done with these policies.  It is better that you should know that the Fed itself admits it does not know what it has done.

We will simply quote Fed chairman Jerome Powell as the 2020 [money pumping] operation was underway:

“We’re not even thinking about thinking about the consequences of our actions.”

[Government debt] allows for present consumption, while shuffling the bill off to future generations.  Normal, healthy people try to leave something their children and grandchildren.  The Framers of the Constitution wrote that their aim was to “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity,” for those to come.  But a perverse generation burdens little children who have no say-so in the matter with debt that they must bear all their lives at the expense of their own prosperity.

The monetary system of fraudulent, legalized counterfeiting has now been allowed to reach its logical extreme and it will now collapse of its unrestrained excesses and deceit.

To some it may appear melodramatic to announce that we are at a monetary endgame.  But it is clear-eyed realism that follows from the historical precedents.  And from the hard accounting.

Americans across the land are wondering what to do now.  Hard on the heels of a national lockdown and the shuttering of thousands of businesses and the loss of untold jobs, inflation has roared back into our daily lives.  REAL MONEY FOR FREE PEOPLE will help you understand and prepare for the economic turmoil facing us today.

If you would like a free copy for yourself or share it with friends and family, stop by our offices in Phoenix or call and speak with one of our precious metals professionals.

There is no cost and no obligation. REAL MONEY FOR FREE PEOPLE: The American Gold Story is an important briefing.  We want as many Americans as possible to be prepared so that we come out of this crisis-free and prosperous!