Our Friend Robert Kiyosaki’s Warning

05 Dec

Our Friend Robert Kiyosaki’s Warning

“God have mercy on us all!”

When someone tries to warn you about what’s going to happen and says “God have mercy on us all,” you better believe they’re talking about something very serious indeed.

But those are the exact words of our friend Robert Kiyosaki, warning about what is going to happen to the economy.  And to you.’

Robert Kiyosaki is the author of the number one biggest-selling personal finance book of all time, Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad has been translated into 51 languages.  It has sold more than 40 million copies.  Robert has written dozens of other books, including two books he co-authored with Donald Trump.

Now, in remarks blasted all around the globe, Kiyosaki says we are in the biggest financial bubble in the history of the world!

Others have called it a Superbubble and the Everything Bubble.  (Learn more here and here.)

Warning of the damage from the popping Superbubble which are markets inflated to unsustainable heights by the Federal Reserve’s money printers, Kiyosaki says, “I would get out of all paper assets.”

The FTX digital exchange bankruptcy and Bitcoin falling from the heights are signs of the air coming out of the bubbles. At the same time, the Fed is now test-driving its own digital currency.

Robert Kiyosaki’s warning sounds serious, and it is serious.  It’s “the biggest bubble in world history,” he says.

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