What if You Could Only Have $68 per Day from Your Bank Account?

What if You Could Only Have $68 per Day from Your Bank Account?

Imagine this for a moment:  You would like to pay for something with $100 cash, so you go to the bank to withdraw your money. You have $18,000 in your checking account, which of course is plenty to cover the $100 you would like in cash. However, while it may be midday on Tuesday, the bank isn’t open. The line to the ATM is longer than the machine can supply, and you are at the end of it. Even if you can find an ATM machine, you are limited to only withdraw $68 per day, regardless of your account balance.


With the current dollar/euro exchange rate,  $68 dollars equates to the €60 currently allowed for withdrawal in Greek bank accounts.

While Greece may be a small country on the other side of the pond, we are seeing similar situations here in the United States.

What do Chicago, Detroit, San Bernardino and Puerto Rico have in common with Greece?

They are bankrupt and cannot meet bond payments and pension payments.

Will pension payments bankrupt more US Cities?

As the chart below shows, for every $1 state and city pension funds owe to their members, they have only 74 cents to cover payments!

  • On June 24, Chicago borrowed $1 billion to make a pension fund payment.
  • Detroit reduced pension payments by 18%.
  • A Federal Bankruptcy judge has ruled that pension funds are not protected in a bankruptcy.

Greece May Have an Easier Road to Recovery than Puerto Rico

Citizens of Puerto Rico teeter on edge of massive default after Governor states that the island’s debts are “not payable”.

Bill Gross on “Market Meltdown”

Bill Gross, former PIMCO bond guru and current Janus Group Fund Manager recently laid out the six ingredients of market meltdown:

1) A central bank mistake leading to lower bond prices and a stronger dollar.

2) Greece, and if so, the inevitable aftermath of default/restructuring leading to additional concerns for euro zone peripherals.

3) China— “a riddle wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.” It is the “mystery meat” of economic sandwiches—you never know what’s in there. Credit has expanded more rapidly in recent years than any major economy in history, a sure warning sign.

4) Emerging market crisis—dollar denominated debt/overinvestment/commodity orientation—take your pick of potential culprits.

5) Geopolitical risks—too numerous to mention and too sensitive to print.

6) A butterfly’s wing—chaos theory suggests that a small change in “non-linear systems” could result in large changes elsewhere. Call this kooky, but in a levered financial system, small changes can upset the status quo. Keep that butterfly net handy.

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