More on the Silver Shortage Situation

09 Apr

More on the Silver Shortage Situation

The reality on the ground for silver can be expressed in one word:  shortages.

The price of real, physical silver remains disconnected from the “spot,” or paper benchmark prices.  

It is a little like the old Soviet Union, where the posted prices in stores might have been low, but the shelves were all empty!

That is because those prices were not real.

Today there are shortages in both the gold and silver markets.  As we reported recently, even the US Mint has been affected by the divergence between the real physical gold and silver prices and the benchmark paper or “spot” prices.  The Mint has been unable to acquire enough bullion at benchmark or spot prices to meet investor demand for both metals (see US Mint Can’t Meet Demand for Gold and Silver).

While there are issues with both gold and silver paper markets, the silver shortages are the most pronounced.  

We believe that these industry-wide shortages will be resolved by much higher prices.  

Because Republic Monetary Exchange anticipates conditions like this, we still have physical gold and silver available for immediate delivery.  

You should know that the situation appears to be getting worse.  It is not limited to just the United States.  Just the other day we were alerted that Britain’s largest bullion dealer is running out of real silver for delivery.

The advice in the trades is for people to convert paper silver investment vehicles to real physical silver while you can.   

In the meantime, other dealers are unable to make delivery to their clients in a timely manner.  Many are asking their clients to pay them today for silver that will be delivered at some unspecified time in the future.

We strongly recommend against that.  At Republic Monetary Exchange, we subscribe to best practices for our client’s protection and profitability.  And that includes immediate delivery of gold and silver when you buy and immediate payment when you sell.

Speak with a Republic Monetary Exchange gold and silver specialist today.  Take steps to protect yourself and your family with real precious metals.