Market Condition Alert! Gold and Silver Shortages!

03 Oct

Market Condition Alert! Gold and Silver Shortages!

Because of extreme demand for precious metals in these uncertain times, the prices for real gold and silver have decoupled from the price of gold substitutes and paper benchmark prices.  The world gold prices and index prices you read about in the newspaper are not the real price for physical gold you can take home and put in your safe.  There is not enough gold at those benchmark prices to satisfy today’s demand!

The divergence between the price of gold and silver in the “paper” market and the price for real, physical metals that you own and take possession of has now become extreme.

Premiums on all the popular gold and silver bullion coins have jumped in recent weeks, reflecting strong demand but only limited supplies.   And as we have reported, the US Mint has not been able to meet market demand as required by law.

Please see our article from the beginning of September on the silver shortage, “Congressman demands answers from US Mint and Treasury Secretary.”

Many dealers are once again unable to make immediate gold and silver delivery to their clients.  Some are forecasting long delays before they are able to make delivery.

Thanks to its long experience and market foresight, Republic Monetary Exchange’s trading department still has gold and silver in stock for immediate delivery for many items, although we are experiencing strong demand and we cannot guarantee that this crisis is only temporary. 

While premiums are high, worsening conditions may mean that no physical gold and silver will be available at any price.  

To restate:  Many of our competitors are out of gold and silver.  Either sold out, or without the necessary inventory, market connections, and experience we have.  In any case, they are not able to deliver gold and silver.

Some say to pay them now, but it will be weeks before they can come up with your gold.  

gold moves

That is a bad idea!  Do not do that!

We are Republic Monetary Exchange. We’ve been around a long time, both buying and selling precious metals.  We have inventory for immediate delivery.   

And while we think everyone needs to own gold and silver, if you need to sell precious metals, remember because of our volumes and active market, we pay the most when you need to sell. 

Speak with a Republic Monetary Exchange gold and silver professional today.