Inflation Shows Up Everywhere

23 Mar

Inflation Shows Up Everywhere

Snackers and munchers across the land are deeply disappointed to discover that double-digit inflation has now shown up even in the number of chips in their Dorito bags!

The nacho cheese-flavored Doritos snack bags have been downsized by five chips, shrinking from 9.75 to 9.25 ounces.

It’s just another case of “shrinkflation.”  Manufacturers hide rising prices by reducing package sizes.  Cereal boxes look the same, but they’re narrower and hold less.  A roll of toilet paper has fewer total sheets or is narrower.  Either way, the actual content is reduced.

There are other ways of hiding price increases.  Sometimes cheaper materials are used in manufacturing, reducing the product’s quality.  If a long warranty was standard with a product, it may get shorter or even disappear altogether.  Customer service gets cut back.  Was delivery and set up free for appliances purchases?  Now it may be an extra charge.  

It amounts to a deterioration of quality and our overall standard of living.  But what can the businesses do?  They may be trying to hide price increases, but why are prices rising to begin with?  Prices are rising because our money is being ruined by money printing.  Its purchasing power is being diluted.  It buys less.

The dwindling purchasing power of the dollar affects people differently.  One woman we know was especially aggrieved when what had always been a five-pound bag of sugar shrank to only four pounds.  “That’s just not right,” she said. “Most of the sugar canisters are made for five pounds!”

Others are angered by the incredible shrinking candy bar – more cardboard and wrapping, with less actual chocolate.

The idea of trying to satisfy a Doritos snack appetite with five fewer chips in simply too much for others.  Even Ron Paul noticed.

The former presidential candidate and congressman got right to the heart of the matter:

Congress should also restore a sound monetary policy by auditing, then ending, the Fed, as well as by repealing both legal tender laws and capital gains taxes on precious metals and cryptocurrencies. Ending the era of the welfare-warfare state and fiat currency can lead to a transition to a new era of liberty, peace, prosperity — and full bags of Doritos.

We agree.  But until Congress does what Dr. Paul suggests, you need to protect yourself, your family, your retirement, and your wealth with gold and silver.

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