Inflation in the Banana Republics

02 Feb

Inflation in the Banana Republics

“At some point someone is going to make the obvious observation, which is that income inequality, which is making our country unstable, is being driven from one main source.  And that is the Federal Reserve, which is shoveling money to Wall Street, excluding most people from that payoff, and hurting a lot of people like savers in the process.

“Maybe we’ll have that conversation at some point.  Hopefully soon.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, although we have said the same thing many times.  But those were the words of Fox News host Tucker Carlson on his show Monday evening (2/1/21). Carlson was wrapping up a segment on the GameStop Saga in which he commented on the concentration of wealth in this country, something that is inherently unstable in any country, and could not happen but for the monetary distortions authored by the central bank.

It is not the first time in recent weeks that Carlson has pointed to the Federal Reserve behind the curtain of American economic disarray.  We hope he continues, and we hereby entitle him to use the reporting and analysis on our blog in his research.

Hedge fund billionaire Paul Singer commented on the Fed’s role in America’s growing inequality, recently as well, referring especially after its massive monetary intervention in the mortgage meltdown:

“I think the central banks came to enjoy their role of being Samson holding up the global financial system and economy. And they weren’t punished by consumer price inflation, they didn’t understand that this asset price inflation, which had a secondary or tertiary positive effect on growth and employment. But they didn’t understand that was a form of inflation, that that’s where the free money and the money printing went. And so they didn’t at all take into account that they were exacerbating the inequality that became a populist political theme.”

Speaking of income inequality, here’s a peek at what the leading banana republics are doing these days.  Venezuela leads the pack in currency destruction, with an annual rate of 1,945 percent.  

How do the money printing policies of banana republic central banks differ from our own?   The answer to that question is a persuasive reason to protect yourself and your family with gold and silver.  

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