How to Fight Inflation (According to the “Experts”)

24 Mar

How to Fight Inflation (According to the “Experts”)

If they said to buy gold, we would take them seriously!

War!  Food crisis!   Debt crisis!  And double-digit inflation!

We’re pretty sure that the same people that brought all this trouble on shouldn’t be giving advice about dealing with it.  But they do anyway.  So, the experts are once again giving out free advice on how to deal with inflation.

Teresa Ghilarducci is the Schwartz Professor of Economics at the New School for Social Research.  That name – the school’s not the professor’s – is enough to give us pause.  Justifiably, it turns out.  Its website brags about something called “progressive scholarship.”  We would feel better if it claimed rigorous scholarship.  But let’s just go to the advice Professor Ghilarducci offered on Bloomberg News: 

  • To deal with gas prices, take public transportation
  • Now may be the time to sell your car
  • Tasty substitutes like lentils and beans are healthier and cheaper than meat.
  • You may want to rethink costly medical treatment for pets. 

It reminds us of British Prime Minister Gordon Brown who advised fighting inflation in the 1970s by storing your vegetables more carefully.  President Ford went on television about the same time to advise Americans to fight inflation by licking their dinner plates clean.

Oh, and you could send off for a WIN button, “Whip Inflation Now.”

We have a couple of better ideas.  First, Washington could stop spending money it doesn’t have, and the Federal Reserve could stop printing more dollars.  But since they won’t do that, we think you should deal with inflation by owning gold and silver.  

Call us today to find out why that is a far better way of dealing with inflation than just letting your beloved pets die.