How Are They Going to Fix it All?

20 May

How Are They Going to Fix it All?

Here is a short list of some of the things going wrong.  It is not exhaustive.  It is just some of the things no one can miss:

  • Gas prices through the roof
  • Double-digit inflation
  • Mortgage rates running up and housing ready to topple
  • Consumer confidence in the tank, an important recession indicator
  • Americans losing trillions in the stock market
  • Unexpectedly rising unemployment claims
  • The US economy shrank in the last quarter
  • And then there is the little old matter of what The Economist calls “The coming food catastrophe.”

We know it sounds troublesome, but not to worry.  Washington knows how to fix it all.  It’ll just send $40 billion to Ukraine!  That should do the trick.

Where will it get the money to do that?  Don’t be a worrier!  It can just borrow the money from China.  China has already loaned Uncle Sam over a trillion dollars.  What’s another $40 billion?  Between friends?

And if China won’t loan it to us, Washington will just have the Federal Reserve print it up.  After all, the Fed has printed up $8 trillion unbacked dollars over the last 14 years.  Today it owns almost 20 percent of US debt.  Purchased with money created out of thin air.  What’s another $40 billion?  

Okay.   Enough of being facetious about all this.  We think a financial calamity is brewing.  And we do not believe the authorities know what to do. 

In our recent memory, the Fed said we needed more inflation.  Then it said inflation was transitory.  Now it says it will stop inflation.  Not only will it stop inflation, but it will also do so deftly, so smoothly that it will be called “a soft landing.”  Although they aren’t too sure about that last part.

We advise getting out of the way of this brewing monetary and financial disaster.  Protect your wealth with gold and silver before the authorities do any more harm.  Speak with a Republic Monetary Exchange gold and silver professional today.