Gold for the Uncertain Future

27 Mar

Gold for the Uncertain Future

Hasn’t it always been part of the American promise, the American Dream, that people were always confident that their children would lead lives that were better than their own?

All that has been thrown into reverse.  Of course, the fake money system is largely to blame.  It’s hard to see how anyone can miss the corollary between sound money and prosperity, but it shines forth clearly in one historical era after another.

Fake money coincides with deteriorating life circumstances.   

Now, to no one’s surprise, a new poll shows American confidence in improved circumstances for the next generation is falling.  A new Wall Street Journal-NORC Poll shows growing skepticism about the future.  Economic pessimism is growing, the perceived value of a college degree is fading, and we are experiencing record-low levels of overall happiness.

Furthermore, four out of five survey respondents rate the economy as not so good or poor.  Almost half think it will get even worse in the next year.  

It is not widely known, but a country built on a currency like the dollar, one that is always in decline, changes people’s time horizons.  It affects their saving habits, their industriousness, and their willingness to work to provide for a better future.

But economic pessimism is not the only problem. Our life spans are shrinking, too.  And don’t let the authorities blame it all on Covid, either.  Our lifespans had been mostly increasing until 2015.  Now that is over.  

One more thing.  IQs are falling, too.  Americans, we read, are getting stupider.

Now, what does this have to do with protecting yourself and your family with gold?  Only this.  Prosperous and free people live longer.  Their nutrition and hygiene are better, as is their healthcare.  And it seems self-evident that well-nourished and prosperous people with adequate health care will be smarter.  We know that schools with parents who value education perform better than schools with parents who don’t.  Part of that has to do with income.  Subsistence earners often don’t have the resources or the know-how to role model educational appreciation and higher IQs for their children.

Less hope for the future,  receding longevity, and falling intelligence.  It’s pretty grim.  The best advice we know of is to insulate yourself from the failures of a declining culture.  And the place to begin is with gold, the money of prosperous civilizations.  Its time horizons are healthy and long, unlike the Federal Reserve dollar.

In times of civilizational decline, people turn to gold to avoid being victimized by a state currency that is also in decline.  Like ours.