Five Things You Should Know Heading into 2022

07 Jan

Five Things You Should Know Heading into 2022

An important gold price forecast, top-heavy stock market action, and an important book waiting for you…  Along with our best wishes for your prosperity in 2022, here are five things we want to share with you at the beginning of this New Year.


Investors will stampede to precious metals in 2022 for protection from a sketchy stock market and inflation.  That’s the forecast from Brian Wien.  He’s the Vice Chairman of Blackstone, the giant investment management firm that runs almost three-quarters of a trillion dollars.  

Wien expects gold to surge 20 percent this year, putting it at a new all-time high of more than $2,160 an ounce.

He even says, “Gold reclaims its title as a haven for newly minted billionaires” in 2022.


Speaking of the stock market, things are getting dangerously concentrated.  Veteran stock analyst David Rosenberg writes a word to the wise: “I see in today’s Financial Times a factoid showing that one–third of the stocks in the NASDAQ are down over 50 percent from their 200–day moving averages (!).  Since April, five stocks (Microsoft, Alphabet, NVIDIA, Tesla and Apple) have accounted for over half of the S&P 500’s total return. In fact, we haven’t seen market concentration this acute since 1969, never mind 1999. We know what history reveals in the aftermath of such a narrowly based (and overvalued) excess.”


The US national debt finished the year at $29.617 trillion.  It grew $1.87 trillion in 2021.  

One word:  Wow!


The US dollar’s share of global currency reserves continues to erode.  In the third quarter, the dollar share fell to 59.15 percent.  The people may not know how the money-printing games devalue their money, but the central bankers of the world know and are lightening their dollar positions even as many began to build their gold reserves.


Skyrocketing prices, massive new spending programs, debt ceiling puppet shows, money printing, debt up the wazoo!

How did we get here?  Where is all this headed?  

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