Five More Reasons to Buy Gold

06 Mar

Five More Reasons to Buy Gold

We thought we should share with you a couple of more reasons to buy gold and silver.  The list is not exhaustive, but just five of the things in the news that we don’t want our friends and clients to overlook:

A perfect financial storm is brewing.

Economist Nouriel Roubini says a “perfect storm” consisting of a debt crisis, recession, and out-of-control inflation is headed to the markets this year.  In fact, he says the S&P 500 could tank another 30 percent 

Roubini advises owning inflation hedges, and what better inflation hedge than gold?

Exploding US national debt.

The on-the-books national debt has already reached the statutory debt limit of $31.38 trillion.  But look where it is headed!

China is positioned for a crisis.

China added another 15 tons of gold to its currency reserves in January.  Meanwhile, for the fifth month in a row, China continues to dump US treasuries.  

Growing consumer debt/delinquencies.

Look at the growing credit card delinquency rates among Millennials, and Gens X and Z!  Not good!

Inflation remains in the Red Zone all around the world.

Persistent high inflation will drive global gold demand much higher.

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