Do it Now!

04 Sep

Do it Now!

You’ve Always Meant To… and Now is the Time to Buy.

Things are happening fast.  The Constitution is ignored, the President is brandishing F-15s, and the monetary system is in trouble.  And forty percent of the people think we’re headed for civil war!

But wait, as they say in infomercials…  There’s more!

California thinks it should outlaw the internal combustion engine.  And you know who is doing well?  The dollar stores, as Americans grapple with Bidenflation.  In fact, the Daily Mail reports that Americans are spending about $500 more per month than we did last year for the same items.

We’re in trouble.

So you always meant to buy gold and silver, but you haven’t gotten around to it yet?

Better not wait.  Act now.  Right now!  Summer is over, beach vacations are becoming memories, and kids are back in school.  It’s a great time to make changes for the future.

You probably already know a lot of important reasons to buy gold. Like its thousands of years of history as the world’s preferred money.

Let us give you one more reason.  It is the unfortunate but unchanging trajectory of American prosperity.

Wages that don’t keep up with inflation, the destruction of the dollar, the explosion of debt, and the polarization of wealth: are all trends in force.   And a trend in force remains a trend in force until something changes it.  There is nothing on the horizon – nothing short of a complete reboot of the monetary system – that will change these trends.

Silver Bars

This is a good time to assess our national trajectory as well as your personal trajectory.  Let us show you how gold and silver can help you.  

If you have always thought about owning precious metals, call on us now.  Don’t wait for what a Financial Times story the other day called “A post-dollar world!”  

And don’t wait for higher prices.  Act now on what you have long resolved to do anyway!