Discovering Gold

02 Oct

Discovering Gold

More and more people are discovering gold, but we don’t mean discovering gold like prospectors and miners do.  What we mean is that more and more people are beginning to understand that Washington’s debt and money printing are signs of trouble, spending two dollars for every dollar in taxes and printing trillions to cover the difference. When people realize these things and look around, they soon discover that there is a safe haven for profit and wealth protections in times like these…

Gold and silver.  

A growing number of people now understand gold.  They get it.

Others just haven’t given these things much thought.  We don’t fault them.  They have work, jobs, businesses, and families to take care of.  

Frankly, the monetary system should be honest.  It should be sound, reliable.  That’s the way the founders set things up, with a gold and silver monetary system.  It would have allowed people to be able to concentrate on their work and families,

a miner shows off a gold nugget
No, this isn’t the discovery we are talking about.

But we’re in different times.  The founder’s vision for America’s gold and silver monetary system was betrayed by politicians along the way.

So here’s an open-ended invitation for you.  It’s an invitation we’re sharing on our radio messages this week as well.

If you know people who want to know more about what Washington is doing to the money, if you have friends or colleagues who need to know about gold and silver, bring them by for a conversation.  

No obligation.  Just information.

We’ll explain why owning gold is more important now than ever.  And we’ll answer all their questions, too.

We’ve helped many people discover gold and silver over the years.

We are available to help your friends and colleagues and family members, too, so bring them in or have them call to get started with complimentary consultation and portfolio evaluation.