Did You Know?

07 Feb

Did You Know?

Did you know…

That there have been no discoveries with more than two million ounces of minable gold since 2017? 

That while the rate of growth changes along the way, Russia and China have been aggressively increasing their central bank gold holdings for years?  Russia’s central bank holds 2,299  tons of gold, China holds 1,948 tons. India, Turkey, and Mexico are among the emerging market nations that are adding to their gold positions as well.

That the United States still leads the world in official gold reserves with 8,133.5 tons, or 261 million troy ounces?

That more than 10,000 tons of private US gold was nationalized by President Franklin Roosevelt?

That Stephanie Kelton, the leading proponent of Modern Monetary Theory – the money printing maniacs – thinks that the $1.9 trillion Biden stimulus plan passed by the Senate should have been $3 trillion?  Because we have a printing press.

That murder rates in dozens of American cities rocketed last year, up 30 percent over 2019, according to the Council on Criminal Justice? 

That President Biden has officially withdrawn the nomination of Judy Shelton to join the Federal Reserve Board?   Shelton set entrenched Washington’s teeth on edge by talking about the merits of the gold standard.

That Hawaii and Nevada have the highest unemployment rates in the country, 9.3 and 9,2 percent respectively?  That is according the December BLS numbers.  The lowest rates were in South Dakota and Nebraska, both at 3 percent.

That the Dow Jones Industrial Average is a poor indicator for those interested in wealth preservation?  As we wrote recently, “DJIA’s composition has changed dozens of times over the years.  Companies that were once mainstays of American industry, companies that have longs since failed and disappeared have been dropped from the average and replaced over the years.  For example, long-standing DJIA heavyweight General Motors is missing in action from the index today, while Apple, a company that didn’t even exist 50 years ago, is today an important component of the Dow.”

That Republic Monetary Exchange makes immediate delivery of gold and silver to its clients upon payment?  And that when you need to sell, we make immediate payment, too!

That your Republic Monetary Exchange executive is an experienced precious metals consultant?  He is prepared to answer all your questions about using gold and silver for profit and protection in the Biden years.