05 Feb
Dodd-Frank Act Repealed

President Trump Repeals Dodd Frank Regulations

President Trump Repeals Dodd Frank Regulations Triggering Stock Market Rally The Dow closed 187 points up on Friday settling just over 20,000. Investor confidence got a boost as President Trump repeals Dodd Frank regulations. Goldman Sachs and other banking institutions were once again the big winners (unsurprisingly). The boost came Friday afternoon after President Trump signed […]

29 Jan
Hoover and the Soup Kitchens

History Repeating Itself? Lessons from Hoover on Trade Policy

Lessons from Hoover on Trade Policy: The Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act As the Trump administration starts enacting new policy, history can illuminate some valuable lessons from Hoover on trade policy and its implications. These implications could have especially relevant repercussions today. Trade has been an cornerstone of Trump’s campaign. This week he signed an executive order canceling the […]

22 Jan
Ray Dialo Fund Manager

How Populism Will Be Biggest Driver of Markets in the Future

Why Populism Will Be Biggest Driver of Markets According to the Largest Hedge Fund’s Manager Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater Associates (considered the world’s largest hedge fund), believes that populism will be biggest driver of markets and money in the future. Populism will be even more influential than monetary policy from the Federal Reserve and […]

04 Dec
Gold Bull Market Coming

Re-thinking Gold Buying Opportunities and the Current Price Dip

RE-THINKING GOLD BUYING OPPORTUNITIES & TAKING ADVANTAGE OF CURRENT PRICE DIP Gold prices have been falling since Donald Trump’s election win, and as price dips, it is an optimal time for strategically re-thinking gold buying opportunities of the wealth preserving asset. Most analysts predicted that a Trump win would be positive for gold due to […]

20 Nov
dollars gauging volatility

Does the VIX Still Accurately Measure Fear?

DOES THE VIX STILL ACCURATELY MEASURE FEAR? OR IS IT NOW THE DOLLAR? The VIX does not seem to accurately measure fear anymore. The VIX – or volatility index – shows the markets’ 30-day forecast for volatility. It describes implied volatilities, is constructed partly from both calls and puts, is forward-looking, and referred to as […]

02 Oct
Deutsche Bank Failing

Deutsche Bank’s Instability Revives Fears of 2008

Deutsche Bank Strikes Fears of Lehman Brothers Repeat Deutsche Bank sent liquidity fears through the markets on Thursday reminiscent of the lead-up to the 2008 crash. The bank’s stock fell to all-time lows on Thursday on liquidity concerns as large funds began to withdraw excess cash and positions at Deutsche Bank. The bank, which is […]

25 Sep
Janet Yellen and Fed Do Not Raise Rates

Fed Fears Keep Rates Low, Gold and Silver Rally

Gold Has Shining Week After Fed Decision Not to Hike Rates Gold and silver both ended the week on highs after the Fed announced its decision not to raise interest rates. The metals had their greatest weekly advance since July. Stocks and bonds initially rallied after the Thursday announcement as well, before they experienced pull […]

18 Sep
Boris Johnson Brexit

Boris Johnson Says Britain Will Begin Brexit Talks Soon

Boris Johnson: Brexit Negotiations Could Begin Early 2017 Boris Johnson says Britain will begin Brexit talks soon. Johnson, the British Foreign Secretary and staunch “Leave” vote advocate told the Italian prime minister this week that Brexit talks could begin as soon as early 2017. Boris Johnson, the former mayor of London, campaigned heavily for Great […]

04 Sep
Deutsche Bank Backing out on Promised Delivery

Deutsche Bank Backing out on Promised Delivery of Gold

Why is the Deutsche Bank Backing out on Promised Delivery of Gold? Is Gold Approaching a Short Squeeze? This week German gold buyers discovered that they could not receive delivery of the metals they had paid for. The bank in question – Deutsche Bank – is the chief bank of Germany. Investors had bought through the […]

27 Aug
Economic Indicators About Trump vs. Clinton

What Economic Indicators Are Saying About Trump vs. Clinton

The Markets’ Take on a Trump Presidency Presidential elections in the U.S. have significant impact on market movements. Even the anticipation of (before the candidate is even elected) what a candidate might do is impactful. According to some hedge fund managers, there is a correlation right now happening between investors wanting to hedge against a […]

21 Aug
Nixon Closes the Gold Standard

45-Year Anniversary of Fiat Currency Replacing Gold

Just Over 45 Years Ago the U.S. Left the Gold Standard – What Has Happened Since? We just passed the 45-year anniversary of fiat currency replacing gold. 45 years ago – August 15, 1971 – President Nixon declared the end of the United States’s decades long, gold backed monetary system and replaced it with the current […]

04 Aug

When Bond King Bill Gross “Doesn’t Like” Stocks or BONDS, Perhaps We Should Listen

Watch: Bill Gross Doesn’t Like Stocks or Bonds! Trouble viewing video? Click here. Bond King Bill Gross “Doesn’t Like” Stocks or BONDS. Bonds! This is the former head of Pimco, where he managed the largest Bond fund to the tune of oh… $270 billion. After all, the man’s nickname literally is “The Bond King”. So what […]

24 Jul
dollar and gold correlation

The Dollar and Gold Currently in an Unorthodox Trend

The Dollar and Gold in a Complicated Relationship Traditionally gold and the dollar have an inverse relationship. When the dollar is strong, gold is weaker. Alternatively, gold rises on a weak dollar. However, we are currently seeing a dollar enjoying relative strength while gold prices are simultaneously over 25% into the green for the year. […]

10 Jul
Gold bars and coins stacked

Why Gold and Silver Will Be the Most Secure Currencies

Why Gold and Silver Will Be the Most Secure Currencies Many eminent investors consider gold and silver as currencies. Peter Boockvar considers precious metals an “anti-fiat money” currency. Because gold is a tangible, finite resource, its value cannot be as easily manipulated or created electronically through central banking monetary policy as fiat currencies can. Central […]

26 Jun
The Brexit Aftermath

The Brexit Aftermath

What the Brexit Vote Means for Gold, Stocks, Currencies, and Banks On Thursday, Britain voted by 51.9% majority to leave the European Union. By Friday morning, the global markets – mostly poised for a “Remain” vote – were in chaos as the Brexit spurred a massive sell-off. This is a monumental event of which the […]

19 Jun

3 Reasons Why Gold Prices Have Bright Outlook

3 Reasons Why Gold Prices Have Bright Outlook The “Brexit” The Federal Reserve’s decision on interest rates German and Japanese negative interest rates Right now, the potential Brexit and the Federal Reserve’s interest rate decision (see next section below) are two of the key drivers for gold’s rising price. A third, more long-term driver continues […]

12 Jun
Golden Bull Market fights the bear

Gold Prices Rise and Stocks Fall with Increased Concern Over Global Economy

Gold and Silver Prices Strong This Week, Stocks Vulnerable Gold and silver prices continued rise this week following its strong close the previous Friday. Ominous signs about the stability of the U.S. economy started to become apparent after a much weaker than expected jobs data report last week. A few days prior, Janet Yellen, chair […]

20 May
The Brexit

Gold Lifts as “Brexit” Fears Shake the Markets

The “Brexit” Politics and Their Impact on the Markets A few weeks ago we touched on the possibility of Great Britain voting to leave the European Union and what the impact of this move would be on gold and the markets. The referendum for the British exit – known most commonly as the “Brexit” – […]

15 May
Gold Market May Bull

Gold Enters a Bull Market with 30-Year Record High Demand

Gold Enters a Bull Market, According to JP Morgan One of Wall Street’s largest institutions, JP Morgan Private Bank, is betting on the gold rally to continue. Solita Marcelli, the bank’s head of fixed incomes, commodities and currencies, holds the view that gold could hit at least $1400 per ounce by the end of the year. […]

23 Apr

Doha Oil Negotiations and Domestic Data Reports Boost Gold

Gold Price Rises as Oil Price Falls after Doha Oil Negotiations Derail on Iranian-Saudi Tension The oil market endured a tense week as OPEC countries met for negotiations in Doha that ultimately broke down, causing oil prices to plummet. Rising tensions between regional rivals Saudi Arabia and Iran over output levels led to the demise […]

17 Apr
Chinese Market and Gold

What the Chinese Market Could Mean for Gold Price

Is China Becoming an Even Bigger Player in the World’s Gold Market? Despite the price dip in gold this week, other market trends point towards future increases in demand that could drive prices up. China, with the world’s second largest economy, is already an important power player in the gold market, and is set to […]

10 Apr
The Brexit and What it Means

The “Brexit” and What it Could Mean for Gold and Silver

The Brexit, Concern Over EU Stability, and Trade Deals Increases Safe Haven Gold Investing Economic uncertainty in the European Union continues to drive safe haven gold investment in Europe after a failed referendum on EU-Ukraine trade relations. Concern over Great Britain’s upcoming referendum on EU membership (set to take place in June) is also straining the […]

03 Apr
Gold in Q1

Q1-2016 Closes as Gold’s Best Gaining Period Since 1986

Gold’s Best Gaining Period Since 1986- Q1 Closes with Strong Gold Outlook source: bloomberg.com As the stock market and dollar retreated this week, gold prices edged higher, finishing the quarter with a 16 percent rise. Despite some slowing from market correcting through March, we witnessed gold’s best gaining period since 1986. On March 29, The […]

28 Mar
The EU dominoes

Gold Up After Brussels Attacks, Pulls Back with Stronger Dollar-Eurozone Fears

Gold Up After Brussels Attacks, Pulls Back with Stronger Dollar and Eurozone Fears Global markets were sluggish this week anticipating the three-day Easter holiday weekend. Gold saw a rally this week following the terrorist attacks in Brussels at Zavantem Airport and Maelbeek metro station in the city’s EU institutions district. It eased back when the dollar […]

Negative Interest Rates: Coming Soon to a Central Bank Near You?

2/21/2016 Negative interest rates have become “the new agenda” at Central Banks recently in Europe and Japan which signals good news for gold. Last week, Sweden’s central bank, Rikbanken, slashed their rate from positive 0.35% to negative 0.50% following the Bank of Japan’s drop of its key interest rate to negative 0.1%. Canadian officials are […]

The Gold Price Has Bottomed

12/06/2015 I am going on record today to say that the price of gold has found the bottom. The bull market in gold has begun. Gold traded down to $1,048 on an intraday basis to close just over $1,055 on Wednesday this past week. The recent decline in the gold price has been a discounting […]

Ron Paul: Lessons Yet to Be Learned

Jim Clark 11/15/2015   This past Wednesday, November 11, 2015 was Veterans Day. To all veterans of the US Armed Services: Thank You for your service to our country. FROM RON PAUL – LESSONS YET TO BE LEARNED:   Increasing money and credit by the Fed is not the same as increasing wealth. It in fact […]

December Rate Hike… Or Not.

Jim Clark 11/8/2015 Wednesday last week, Fed Chair Janet Yellen said “At this point, I see the U.S. economy as performing well,” noting the strength in domestic spending and that it may be “appropriate” for a rate hike in December. The Chairman of the New York Fed, William Dudley said he “fully” agrees with the Chair. […]

The “Bail-In” is the New “Bail-Out”

Jim Clark 11/1/2015 After opening the week at $1,164, COMEX spot gold rallied strongly to a three month high of $1,188 gold retraced to $1,141 giving back 48% of the October gains to close the month up 2%. After a strong rally on high volume trading, a short term 48% retracement of gains is to […]

Gold Stays Strong, Silver Up 9% for October

Jim Clark 10/25/2015 Gold and silver traded softer this week with gold losing some ground from $1,171 to close $1,164 up 5% for October to date and silver opened the week at $15.86 and is trading at $15.81 basically unchanged for the week and up 9% for the month so far. Analysts attribute this week’s […]

The Strong Rally of Gold and Silver

Jim Clark 10/18/2015 Gold and silver have surged this week to bring both metals into positive return territory for this year. With a strong follow through to last week’s rally, both metals continue to make higher highs and higher lows, a bullish indicator of a turn in the market as we addressed last week. Gold […]

COMEX Prices vs. Reality

Jim Clark 10/9/2015 Both gold and silver had strong breakouts above near term resistance and the price momentum has shifted to the advantage of the bulls. Gold opened the week at $1137 and is currently trading at $1,159, up $22 or 2% for the week. Silver opened on Monday at $15.24 and is at $15.86, […]

Gold and Silver Coin Sales at Record Highs

Jim Clark 10/4/2015 Gold and silver posted gains for this week thanks to a strong Friday rally in both metals with gold opening the week at $1131 and closing Friday at $1138.50 and silver opening at $14.70 to close Friday at $15.26. Silver was up 5% on the day – the biggest daily jump since Dec 1st […]

“Gold is Money, Everything Else is Credit”

Jim Clark 9/27/2015 Gold opened the week at $1133 and closed Friday at $1145, up 1% for the week following last week’s 3% rally.  Silver lost a bit on profit taking in the paper market (COMEX) declining from $15.19 to close at $15.09, holding the $15 floor. We are cautiously optimistic that this follow through […]

Fed Rates Hold; Gold and Silver Demand Remains High

Jim Clark 9/18/2015 THE FED HOLDS AND GOLD AND SILVER RALLY Gold and silver began a rally on Wednesday, prior to the Fed announcement of no rate hike on Thursday. Especially significant for both metals is the strength of the Friday follow through surge in prices after the announcement. At this writing gold is up […]

The Discount Rate and Why it Matters to Gold Investors

Jim Clark 9/11/2015 THE DISCOUNT RATE, DOLLAR STRENGTH, & GOLD The Federal reserve is poised to increase the discount rate. This is the interest rate that the Fed charges banks to borrow funds from the Federal Reserve Bank. This discount rate increase will weaken the dollar as the cost of borrowing dollars increases and thereby reduces […]

ObamaCare for Your IRA

Jim Clark 9/6/2015 THE CONTINUED MOVEMENT TOWARDS GOVERNMENT INTERVENTION IN YOUR IRA   Obamacare for your IRA? The US Department of Labor is proposing a new “fiduciary rule” that will limit and ultimately eliminate your ability to decide how to invest your IRA and 401(K). This is the latest effort by the federal government to limit choice […]

Welcome to the Wall Street Casino

Jim Clark 8/28/2015 THIS IS NOT YOUR FATHER’S STOCK MARKET On Monday- we saw a one thousand point swing in the DOW IN ONE DAY! As we wrote last week, we are seeing unprecedented volatility in the Dow Jones Industrial Average and in the broader markets, the S&P and The NASDAQ.  The chart below shows […]

Dow Index Down 531 Points Friday as Dollar Collapses

Jim Clark 8/23/2015 DOW SLAMMED FRIDAY TO CLOSE DOWN 531 POINTS The weakness in stocks since May became a rout on Friday with the DJIA plunging 531 points amid a broad based sell off including the S&P and the NASDAQ. International markets reflected the same flight from equities as well. The decline in the DJIA […]

Volatility: Welcome to the New Normal

Jim Clark 8/14/2015 After trading sideways for most of the week with a bias to the upside, silver prices break out above $15 on Friday, closing at $15.26.  Gold remains in a trading range between 1082 and 1116 to close the week at $1115. VOLATILITY: WELCOME TO THE NEW NORMAL This has been an exciting and eventful week […]

Physical Delivery of Comex Gold Doubles

Jim Clark 8/9/2015 After trading sideways for most of the week with a bias to the upside, silver prices break out above $15 on Friday, closing at $14.82.  Gold remains in a trading range between 1082 and 1098 to close the week at $1095. FIRST, A WORD FROM JIM GRANT Jim Grant, publisher of Grant’s Interest […]

Lower Gold Price Creating Demand Surge

Jim Clark 7/23/2015 [heading animation=”” type=2 border=”no” weight=”bold”]Remember what we’re looking at. Gold is a currency. It is still, by all evidence, a premier currency. No fiat currency, including the dollar, can match it. -Alan Greenspan[/heading]     This past week and the month of July for that matter has seen some major developments in […]

Greece: Coming to a Bank Near You?

Jim Clark 7/17/2015 ADR Pricing for the National Bank of Greece:   Greek banks are scheduled to open on Monday but despite positive headlines and happy talk about the Greek crisis being solved, the EU central bankers and the Greek government have done what they have always done- they kicked the can further down the […]

Your Money and the Banking System

Jim Clark 7/12/2015 Your Money and the Banking System Draconian measures intended to save Greek banks and the Euro monetary system have been imposed on the people of Greece. Greeks are no longer allowed to transfer money to accounts outside of Greece. In addition to limiting cash withdrawals to $65 a day, Deputy Finance Minister […]

Gold Back To $1,200 as Turmoil in Greece Continues

Jim Clark 6/19/2015 Gold Surges The Gold futures spot price is consolidating at $1,200/oz after a very strong rally this week with a major move on Wednesday to close at $1,202, up over $25 on heavy volume to close the week at $1999.97. As we commented last week, gold prices have been making a series […]

Comex Gold and Never Never Land

Jim Clark 6/12/2015 Watch the Chart- The Market is ALWAYS Right The most important near term technical development for gold prices this week has seemingly gone unnoticed or at least uncommented by gold market analysts. COMEX gold prices have made a series of higher lows and higher highs. After touching a low at $1,167.90 on […]

Long Gold for the Long Term

Jim Clark 6/5/2015 Dollar Strength, the Euro and Gold All eyes are on the US Dollar in recent weeks. The strong USD has put pressure on gold and silver prices late this week. The strength of the dollar reflects the uncertainty in the negotiations of the repayment of Greek debt to the International Monetary Fund […]

Back to the Trading Range

Jim Clark 5/29/2015 Gold opened the week at $1204 to close the week on Friday, down slightly at $1191. The action in gold and silver prices this week was dominated by the strength of the dollar. With US interest rates relatively higher than those in the Eurozone, US Dollar denominated assets are attractive and Euro Quantitative Easing […]

Is the Bottom in for Gold and Silver?

Jim Clark 5/22/15   Solid Support for Gold at $1200 Gold established solid support above $1200 this week to close the week on Friday at $1203, substantially higher than the previous support level at $1180. For the last several weeks, the $1200 level has been an attractor. Each time gold has dipped below this key […]

Gold and Silver Break Their 200 Day Moving Averages

Jim Clark 5/15/15 This week has seen very positive developments for gold bulls. Gold broke strongly through resistance at $1217 to begin consolidation over $1220 to close Friday at $1220.50. On Tuesday, gold was up roughly $23 on heavy trading volume (Remember the old saying, “Volume is the weapon of the Bull!”). Gold surged through its […]

Chaos in the Government Bond Markets This Week

Both gold and silver were up for the week. Gold moved up strongly from the April 30 closing low of $1,174 to a high for the week of $1,193 to close the week at $1188.40. Silver followed the same trading pattern, closing last week at $16.11, trading up to $16.56 mid-week closing Friday at $16.47. The […]

Bullion in a Safety Deposit Box? Not at Chase!

by Jim Clark Both gold and silver experienced a rapid run up and equally rapid drawdowns this week. Gold has been locked in a trading range between $1150+/oz and $1215/oz and silver between $15.50 and $16/oz since February 2015. There is solid support at the $1175 area for spot gold and $15.50 for spot silver. […]

What if the Yuan Was Backed by Gold?

by Jim Clark April 24, 2015 Can 1.4 billion Chinese be wrong? Between 2008 and 2009 China doubled their reserve of gold bullion stock. In April of 2009, the Chinese Central Bank (The People’s Bank of China) reported gold holdings of 1,054 metric tonnes. Recently, Bloomberg Intelligence estimated China’s gold holdings at 3,510 metric tonnes, […]

The Gold Market Discussion with Jim Clark, 3-22-15

Jim Clark 3/20/2015 Gold and Silver prices spiked this week as gold traded above $1,185 and silver in the $16.85 range. The spike in gold and silver prices can be, in part, attributable to Janet Yellen’s comments at this week’s Fed meeting. Chairperson Yellen indicated ultra-loose monetary policy for the foreseeable future with no rate […]

The Gold Market Discussion with Jim Clark, 3-15-15

Jim Clark 3/15/15 This week has seen more weakness in gold prices. Gold prices are currently at the $1150 range with silver at $15.50. The weakness can be directly attributed to the strength of the dollar, which has recently reached highs not seen since 2003, and has done so in a remarkably short period of time. With […]

The Gold Market Discussion with Jim Clark, 3-8-15

March 8, 2015 This week gold prices traded in narrow range around the $1165 to $1210 area, currently gold prices are $1168 per ounce silver at $15.88. Gold is now trading below most miners’ ability to bring gold to market. This represents a tremendous opportunity to acquire physical gold at seriously depressed prices. These are […]

The Gold Market Discussion with Jim Clark, 2-20-15

by Jim Clark 2/20/15 Gold and silver prices dipped earlier in the week only to recover and end strong, closing at $1,208 and $16.32 respectively. There was some heavy physical buying that came in when gold briefly fell below $1,200 an ounce. Have you ever heard the old Chinese saying, “May you live in interesting times”? People have […]

Rise in Demand for Silver; US Mint Sold Out of Silver Eagles!

The Gold Market Discussion with Jim Clark October Surprises October is, historically, an interesting month in the markets. This year has been no different, with volatility all around. The stock market dropped below 16,000 before rallying back up over 17,500. Volatility has continued in the precious metals market, mainly to the downside, although gold went […]