Best Practices for Gold and Silver Buyers

20 Feb

Best Practices for Gold and Silver Buyers

As if inflation isn’t enough, now war drums are pounding, too.

No wonder more people are thinking about protecting themselves with gold and silver.  No wonder gold and silver are moving up.  After the tremendous run that took gold over $2,000 in August 2020, gold has been mostly consolidating its gains, trading in a narrowing sideways range.

Now it has hit an 8-month high.

At Republic Monetary Exchange, we’re always surprised to learn that some people buy gold and silver from nameless, faceless voices somewhere.  That must take a lot of guts… to send money off to a boiler room 800 number somewhere.

But it seems to happen when gold is showing new strength. Calls from boiler rooms, splashy TV ads, companies that just opened their doors or just got a post office box, emails from people you don’t know, phone calls during dinner.  

We recommend best practices for your protection when you invest in precious metals.  At Republic Monetary Exchange we are the industry leader in best practices for our clients.  

We always make sure to have inventory on hand for your purchases.  Other dealers have made their clients wait for weeks on end to get delivery.  We don’t do that.  We make delivery immediately.   No delays.  No excuses.

Same thing when you need to sell.  We make immediate payment.  

Republic Monetary Exchange Offices in Phoenix, AZ
Republic Monetary Exchange’s Office in Phoenix, AZ

It’s what sets us apart.  Best practices for our clients.  

In fact, for our Arizona clients, we give you delivery right face-to-face.  On the spot.  For others, we ship immediately.  Our signature service includes five-star packaging, fully insured, and expedited shipping.  No delays.  No waiting.

You deal one-on-one at Republic Monetary Exchange with your own personal precious metals professional.

So, if you already know y0u should own gold and silver, if you’ve been buying from someone who knows where, and then waiting and waiting to get your gold, you need to start using best practices from the leader in best practices for gold and silver investors.  

For those who would like to learn more about investing in precious metals for wealth protection and profit, speak with a Republic Monetary Exchange gold and silver professional today.