Biden’s Banana Republic

17 Sep

Biden’s Banana Republic

Take advantage of Bidenomics to protect yourself!

It’s a distinction no one would hope for, no one would want.  But it goes to the Phoenix area, nonetheless.

Phoenix once again has the highest Consumer Price Inflation in America.  Prices are screaming along, up 13 percent over the past 12 months.  That’s almost five percent over the national inflation rate of 8.3 percent.  We take special note of this distinction because Republic Monetary Exchange’s offices are in Phoenix.  And although we have clients across the country, many are here in Arizona.

Food prices are up double-digits, too.  Everywhere, not just here.  

It is no exaggeration to say that we are now in banana republic territory!

Biden is determined to turn America into a third-world country and to turn the US dollar into a throwaway currency.  And he’s doing a damn good job of it!

Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve remains in a state of confusion.  It was last December the Fed finally realized that inflation wasn’t transitory.  That’s when they said they would take whatever steps were necessary to fix it.  That was nine months ago, yet inflation continues to run red hot!

Now they really are in over their heads.  The prospect of them reeling from one mistake to another has created buying opportunities in precious metals that you could only have hoped for.   But you must act.  Don’t be victimized by Bidenflation.  Take advantage of their policies and this opportunity to buy gold at preferred prices.

Things have become much too serious to delay any longer.  Speak with a Republic Monetary Exchange precious metals professional and protect your wealth and your family yourself with gold and silver.

Protect yourself with gold and silver.  Real money.  Constitutional money.  

While you still can!