Behind the Curtain

23 Oct

Behind the Curtain

We think gold and silver will go up if Donald Trump is re-elected president.

We think gold and silver will go up if Joe Biden is elected president.

I’m sure you’d like us to explain since we have a two-party system and candidates that differ on the issues and on how the government should be run.  

How could the same results follow the election of either man?

We think it is time to realize that the monetary policies in this country do not flow out of the White House.  

Nor do they come from Congress.

The monetary policies of the United States, the decisions that boom and bust the economy, that determine the future value of the US dollar, are made by a group of mostly nameless, faceless bureaucrats.  Functionaries that no one voted for, no one elected, and few people can name.

We think it is fine to be focused on the election.  We think it is important, too.

But you can never – never – take your attention off The Great and Powerful Oz operating behind the curtain.  That is where the dials are twisted that set our economic course.  That is where the buttons that are pushed boom and bust the economy.  That is where the levers are pulled that determine the value of our money.

It is quite clear that these people prefer to operate in the dark.  At the pinnacle of his career, Alan Greenspan, the longest-serving Fed chairman in history once told an audience, “If I’ve made myself too clear, you must have misunderstood me.”  A remark like that is just what we have come to expect in this age of deceit and confusion.

This is the Fed that desperately fought to keep you from learning what exactly they were up to with their dollar portfolio during the mortgage meltdown.  It took years of legal action to finally discover which cronies got Fed lifelines in a $1.2 trillion dollar operation.

And legendary are the Fed’s efforts to fight off being audited.

Last month current chairman Jerome Powell admitted to “crossing red lines” in its policy actions, but said, “We’ll figure it out later.”

Not a lot of foresight there.

So, we’re just saying that we’re interested in the election, too.  And we think it matters.

But while nobody was paying much attention earlier this year, the Fed printed up more than $3 trillion dollars.  Out of thin air.  

That money printing drove gold to an all time high this year.  

Not only were we watching, we told you what was happening.  We want you to know that while we’re all watching the election shenanigans, we’ll also be keeping an eye on the operations behind the curtain.  

We’ll let you know what The Great and Powerful Oz is doing every step of the way.  And help you protect yourself, your family, and your wealth.